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Dimitri Penchev MSc PhD


Hey Tennis World!
Greetings from Vancouver, Canada!
My name is Dimitri Penchev, a passioned tennis coach with 30+ years of international coaching experience.
Through my extensive experience, working with juniors, adults, parents, and volunteers, I have developed many important assets that are needed to aid me in this career field .
As a dedicated coach/educator my goal is to provide all the opportunities for the young athletes to reach their genetic potential.

\\\”If you fail to plan, you plan to fail\\\”


 – Master’s Degree of Physical Education                                                                            

University of Sport Studies, Sofia – Bulgaria


  • Tennis Coach
  • Physical Education Teacher

  – PhD Sport Psychology                                                                                                                         

University of Sport Studies, Sofia – Bulgaria


 – CERTIFIED LIFE COACH                                                                                            




Further information
  • Member of Tennis Professional Association (TPA)

My tennis journey started when I was seven years old, and continued as a promising junior player.  I played competitive tennis throughout the years, and stopped competing after my University graduation!! Since 1984 I have been coaching in different countries on 3 continents.

I love music, practicing free diving, travelling around the world, motorcycle trips, art design. Adore animals, I am member of BC SPCA – The British Columbia Society for Prevention of Cruelty of Animals



  • 2010 Tennis BC Coach of the Year                                             
  • 2011 Tennis Canada Coach of the Year
  • 2013 Tennis Canada Coaching Excellence Award



Private Junior High Performance Coach                                                                            2022 – present

Vancouver, BC

Working with top ranked athletes (U14 – U16) 

Technical Director / Head Coach                                                                                                 2018 – 2021

Da Nang National Tennis Training Centre – Da Nang, Vietnam

  • Responsible for the development and proper functioning of the largest national tennis training centre in Vietnam.   
  • Developing training and coaching programs, training and supervising coaches, organizing, and coordinating events, training the top Vietnamese junior athletes.

Head Coach & Director of High Performance                                                                2007- 2018 

People’s Courts & Global Tennis Academy – Coquitlam/Vancouver, BC

  • Completely re-structured the club to improve efficiency and profitability and provide inclusive environment for players of all cultural groups and ages.
  • Head of the High Performance Department, developing training and coaching programs, educating and supervising coaches, organizing and coordinating events.
  • Attracted many new members due to implementation of highly professional programs and quality on/off court services.

 BC Training and Competitive Program Manager                                                       2013 – 2014      Tennis BC & Tennis Canada National Junior Training Center – Vancouver BC

  • Provide administrative, planning, coordination, and logistical support to deliver the Junior National/Provincial Training Program in British Columbia                                                                                                                                                                                                         

BC Provincial Head Coach                                                                                                  2007 – 2012                                                                                                                                         

BC & Tennis Canada National Training Center, Vancouver BC

  • Establishing Annual BC Provincial Camps Program (U8,U10,U12,U14)
  • Developing training programs, training, and supervising provincial coaches
  • BC Provincial Head Coach at U12 and U14 Nationals across Canada
  • BC Provincial Head Coach for 2011 Western Canada Summer Games

Counsellor of Physical Education                                                                         1997 – 2006

Sotirhopoulos Private School, Patras, Greece

  • Curriculum implementation and supervising the Physical Education Program (Elementary to High School). Organizing and supervising different school events.                                                                                                                                 

 Head Coach                                                                                                                  1999 – 2006

Tennis Sporting Club, Patras, Greece

  • Head of the Juniors High Performance Department.
  • Developing training programs and training/supervising coaches
  • Organizing and managing tennis tournaments and events

 Field of Play & Sport Equipment Supervisor                                                       2003 – 2004

ATHENS 2004 OLYMPIC GAMES, National Olympic Stadium Patras


  • Supervising over 130 volunteers and employees, developing training programs for volunteers and
  • ensuring the application of regulations of World Federation (FIFA).
  • Coordinating and supervising the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

 Head Coach                                                                                                                 1997 – 2001

Tennis Club ‘’NIKI’’ – Patras, Greece

  • Coaching elite juniors.
  • Developing training programs, training and supervising coaches, organizing tournaments


Head Coach                                                                                                                1998 – 2006

Summer Regional Junior Tennis Camps – Patras, Greece

Organizing and supervising High Performance and Recreational Junior Tennis Camps

Head Coach                                                                                                               1990 – 1997

Patras Tennis Club – Patras, Greece

  • Leading the Junior High Performance Program, supervising coaches
  • Achieving many Provincial and National titles.


Tennis Coach                                                                                                                         1987 – 1989

Tennis Club Levski Spartak – Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Coaching young talented juniors



Dimitri was the most thoughtful, caring coach I have ever had. He came to practice every day with an infectious energy that made learning tennis and being at the courts so much fun. Many days he stayed extra hours to give me individual attention working on my technique and strategy. He gave me clear visuals to remember technique on my shots and created a space that was safe to learn and make mistakes to learn from. Dimitri’s emphasis on footwork and technique is amazing and goes hand in hand with his incredible knowledge of the game and ability to connect with each player he teaches. His instructional techniques were different for each athlete and he was able to connect with each of us on a personal level giving us nicknames and getting to know us as people before athletes. Each practice was structured with goals in mind while also being able to find time for having fun and learning new shots. Dimitri is extremely creative in his instruction starting each practice with a purpose and introducing new skills in a way that was fun. I remember playing touch games to start practice to work on my feel and drop shots while having no idea that this was what was happening. Dimitri is the most amazing, personable coach I have ever had!!

Rosie Johanson, Former U16, U18 Canadian National Champion


Dimitri brings with him a piece of vast knowledge and lifelong experience, which has been accumulated in a few different Tennis nations, through thorough work in player development during formative years!!

Oded Dedi Jacob BC National Junior Training Program, Head National Coach


I have been privileged to know tennis director, Dimitri Penchev, as well as to experience first-hand, top-class tennis coaching. Dimitri is a strong leader and visionary with a very solid reputation in Canada, the USA, and Europe. His unique training methods based on active planning and excellent organizational and management skills have produced great champions and have placed tennis clubs at the top of the list. My niece, who was coached by Dimitri, achieved number one ranking and full tennis scholarship at a highly regarded University in USA.

Karie Somova


Coach Dimitri is so much more than a skills coach. His ability to see the whole child leads to an excellent vision of the growth plan for his athletes. My son had a clear understanding of his path which enabled him to stay motivated during low periods and stay humble during high periods. Coach Dimitri’s holistic understanding of athlete development provided nutritional understanding, psychological strengthening, physical strengthening, skill development, and character building. His athletes are known for their sportsmanship and reverence for the sport of tennis. Coach Dimitri has helped my son grow to be a better man.

Dave Maclean


As an adult entering the tennis scene later in life, I was lucky to have crossed paths with coach Dimitri Penchev. Dimitri was exceptionally adept at capturing the strengths and weaknesses in analyzing my overall tennis game. I found coach Dimitri to be highly engaged in each and every tennis lesson, fully present, and ready to tackle any of my weekly game’s reports with corrective drills and strategies to arm myself for the next match or tournament. Coach Dimitri possesses an above-average emotional intelligence and empathy for players, builds a strong rapport, and communicates efficiently with clear instructions and focused attention. Coach Dimitri has shown me and my husband while in a lesson a desire to listen and actively participate in formulating our plan for growing our game from beginner to very advanced levels with high performance and explosive style lessons. His tactical feedback has been a key factor in our success on the court.

Sylvie Quenneville


Dimitri’s coaching methods are very detailed and thorough. He is methodical in his ways and is able to teach any style of player from the ground up and into their competitive prime. From the bare bones and foundations of technical fundamentals to the strategic skills and tactical smarts of an advanced player - Dimitri encompasses every component in his teaching in well-balanced progressions, which ultimately allows him to raise an all-around tennis player in any athlete who is lucky enough to work with him!

Katerina Boiko