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DRC Kiron


I\’m D.R.C.Kiron, Owner and Head Coach of Advantage Tennis Academy in Hyderabad, India. I have been coaching since 2005. We all started under the guidance of my late father Mr.D.Chandra Sekhar, NIS and ITF Tennis Coach with experience of over 40yrs. The academy was established in 1983 and has produced Davis Cuppers, Junior Davis Cup and Fed Cup players and many International and National ranked players. Current player India No.2 and ATP ranked 359 (highest ATP Rank 229) and Davis Cupper Sasi Kumar Mukund. Now we successfully run the most economical High Performance Tennis program dedicated to produce international players.

  • ITF Level-1 (2006)
  • ITF Level-2 (2008)
  • Evolution Kids Tennis Workshop 2019

Coaching times & fees

06.00Hrs to 10.00Hrs

15.00Hrs to 21.00Hrs


  • Beginners Group (Play&Stay)  $100 per month
  • Intermediates Group (14 & Under) $300 per month
  • High Performance Group (Asian Under 16, ITF Juniors, Futures) $500 per month
  • Customized Program

Further information

Telangana State Tennis Association

Medchal District Tennis Association

Ranga Reddy District Olympic Association

Olympic Association of Telangana



  • Working as Conveyor for Coaches and Academies for the then Andhra Pradesh and now Telangana State Tennis Association since May’2008


  • Director, DRC Sports Foundation – A Non Profit Organization registered under Section 25 of Companies Act 1956.


  1. Tennis development and promotion.
  2. Coach and Academy welfare and development
  3. Coach and Academy disaster management.
  4. Coaches Education.
  5. Contracts and Sponsorships.
  6. Consultancy and services to TSTA and APLTA.
  7. International tournaments and coaching programs.


  • Tournament Director for the only 3 back to back ITF Men $10,000 and 3 back to back ITF Women $10,000 conducted in India and Hyderabad, 2015.
  • Tournament Director for the 1st International Tournament after Telangana was formed (Asian Ranking, Hyderabad 2014 and 2015).
  • Tournament Director for Road To Wimbledon (RTW), Hyderabad in February 2016.
  • Tournament Director for ITF Juniors and Asian Under 14 & 16 tournaments in Hyderabad, India.
  • AITA Observer for Tournaments in Telangana and the thenAndhra Pradesh.
  • Former Jt.Secretary of Ranga Reddy District Lawn Tennis Association, Telangana, India from April 2007 till November 2016.
  • Second term as Honorary Secretary of Medchal Malkajgiri District Tennis Association since 2016.
  • We now run the biggest grass root program in India named as ‘Solinco Junior Tour’ (formerly known as Master Series) with more than 300 players, coaches and officials from Telangana.

Coaches Education

Play & Stay Tutor for AITA Level-I, II & III Course since 2017.

  • I was Associated with National High Performance Academy (NHPA), Tennis New South Wales (NSW), Sydney, Australia and worked on a 6 months exchange program on player development at our academy in India, September 2006 to March 2007.
  • Worked as Head Coach at the Sri Lanka Tennis Association, Colombo from August to December 2009. Continuing as Technical Consultant till present.
  • Worked as High Performance Coach under Maljis Sukan Negara (National Sports Council) at Babolat Duta International Tennis Academy, Kuala Lampur from July to December 2012.
  • Coach and Manager of Silver Medalist Telangana Men & Women team at the 35th National Games, Kerala.
  • Coach of Telangana Men’s Tennis Team in the Inter State tournaments 2016 and 2018 at Bhilai, Chattisgarh.
  • Coach of Andhra Pradesh Men’s Tennis Team at the Inter State tournament 2012 at DLTA, New Delhi
  • Coach of the Winning Andhra Pradesh Girls Under 12 team at the Inter State, DLTA, New Delhi in 2013
  • Coach of the Runners Up Andhra Pradesh Boy’s Under 12 team at the Inter State, DLTA, New Delhi in 2013
  • Coach of the Runners Up Andhra Pradesh Boy’s Under 14 team at the Inter State, DLTA, New Delhi in 2013



vasishtvinodcheruku@gmail.com Hello, my name is Vasisht Cheruku, I'm a tennis player from Mysore. I am a former Junior National champion and represented India in the junior Davis cup. I first met Kiron Sir as tournament director when I was 10 years old in his academy. I was immediately impressed with the clay courts as most of you know that's very rare in India! I was soon very impressed with the organization and handling of the tournament and was not used to the professionalism displayed by Kiron Sir and his team. Priority was given to the players and the concern and grievances of the players preceded all else. I met Kiron Sir after a long time in Vietnam when he was travelling with my friend Mukund Sasikumar for a futures event. We played doubles together that week and trained together most of the time and were constantly in talks and discussions about my matches or identifying my game style and how to play with certain weaknesses or drawbacks. I was very impressed with Kiron Sir's keen tennis mind and observation skills and how he read and understood tennis and always tried to simplify the game to the player rather than talking big and using big words and ultimately not do much to actually help the situation. Hence, it was very comfortable to work with Kiron Sir and easily converse about what I felt about my tennis and what I feel should be given importance. Kiron Sir gives a lot of attention to what a player himself/herself feels and works around what is mutually agreed.. This type of approach to tennis coaching in India is very hard to come by. This led me to train in Hyderabad for a few weeks in his academy which was a very intensive and productive block. My schedule was planned out effectively with different drills, technical work and physical training integrated into a solid full day program. I would also like to mention the fitness trainer associated with Kiron Sir, Mr. Naveen Reddy, who is one of the top sports trainers in Hyderabad and involved with the Ranji cricket team. Naveen Sir is highly knowledgeable and specific with his training methods with sports directed workouts emphasized to meet the athletes individual requirement. Intensity and willingness to give it your best is paramount for Kiron Sir as he comes with this attitude every day, morning till night. Effort and discipline will be primary and a work ethic required to be a professional tennis player is set from day one. A man with vast knowledge and experience and positive relationships with many of the top tennis players from the country, Kiron Sir is synonymous with the tennis fraternity in India. With lots of experience as a tennis player, coach and tournament organizer it is quite remarkable to state that his humility and humble mindset which helps him strive to be better, could be his biggest strength! I recommend Kiron SIr to all aspiring tennis professionals from Juniors to ITF men and women tour players. I am sure you will leave everyday with more than what you came with!

Vasisht Cheruku, INDIA


dineshkanthan.t@hotmail.com I’ve known Kiron for many years dating back to my playing days. I met him for the first time when he was working for the national federation in Sri Lanka. From that time, I’ve observed his style of coaching and ideas. I see him having a different view towards coaching with lot of practical knowledge and applying it with ease amongst players. He also excels in his analytical skills and has a great relationship with all his players which allows players to listen and understand the information. During my playing times, I have travelled numerous times to Hyderabad to take part in ITF Junior events, AITA events and Men’s Futures events. These tours helped me in various ways to up my playing abilities. I found variety of players emerging from this part of India which allowed me to compete and learn. I also found this city very exciting and peaceful to live in and I’ve always felt home during those times. Now I run a Tennis Academy in Sri Lanka and ive brought my kids to india to train under Kiron, couple of times. They enjoyed their training phase and learnt a lot during those camps. Personally, I feel Hyderabad is an amazing city for tennis and the people. It has got great potential for young and upcoming players. Me having experienced it personally in both playing and coaching fields, I feel proud to have travelled this journey.

Dineshkanthan Thangarajah, SRILANKA


mukundsingaram@gmail.com For any athlete or student any teacher or coach they he/she meets in their life goes a very long way. Maybe professionally both of them may move on for various reasons. But personally any healthy coach player relationship always stays with you. The lessons you learnt the tough times you both went through..Right from the beginning of transitioning from a strict coach to becoming a mentor with time and eventually friend life goes a whole circle in this process. Many coaches come and go in a professional athlete’s life. But only a handful makes a difference in a player’s life. In the way they talk, the way they look at life, the way they treat others, the values they follow life with etc…Today i am writing about one such special person in my life whose voice is many times running in my head when i am lonely. Someone who i always felt i can learn from and someone who probably loves tennis as much as I do. Mine and DRC sirs journey dates way back to 2006.When pandemics were only in the movies and YouTube/Google didn’t exist in India, Novak Djokovic was trying to break into top 100 and not won his first title yet can you believe it? Last but not least Private tennis lessons didn’t exist� .Thats why we had so many seasoned players, because everyone played with everyone they learnt to play tennis. Not to hit the ground strokes clean. Feels so long ago doesn’t it? It all started with me joining his camp and then eventually i made it to his high performance batch. Eventually with him sending me away to bigger cities to seek my destiny as that’s what good teachers do. When they feel their role is over they send their students away which we don’t see often. The main greatest experience i had with him was when we reunited a decade later when I was 500.In a futures in Vietnam, I called him on Friday to say I am bit lost and I need some guidance on tour.24 hours later he is waiting in the room for me in ho chi minh. No idea how he planned it to date. Thats when we started discussing many things about Indian tennis, strategies, Life, roger etc.that week I realized he knows a bit more than what people think he does. I did well in that tournament and eventually started working with my current Austrian coach and went on to make 200 before Covid-19 hit. Since that time until now he has been an integral part of my life. One such brainchild is the high performance camp. Which has been on paper for a long and is trying to become a reality soon. I hope we will travel for much bigger tournaments soon as all my times with him are memory lane. Naveen sir was someone who drc sir led me to. Initially when i heard cricket I wasn’t sure how good he would be. But when I was there I was amazed at how simple he was and how much coaching talent India has. i met so many amazing athletes in Nexgen and how little equipment you require to train a professional athlete. Maybe some books don’t look great from the outside and Naveen sir is one of them. He knew exactly how the body works and what areas I should get better at. I worked on many small things in my body which made me feel better on court later on. Unfortunately the day to leave had come but I am looking forward to working at Nexgen again. Harini Ma’am was one of the most surprising and pleasant encounters I had but the situation we were in was not that much fun. I had a bad ankle twist while playing at an ATP 250 on grass and was limping on one leg in her studio. Meeting someone friendly did ease out the situation but i still was feeling bad. She walked towards me with a few needles which didn’t make me feel any better. It was my first time needling, but she eased me out and that’s how our rapport started.11 days treatment continued and I was finally able to play normally again. I have recommended her to a few friends and I think she is one of the best I have been for treatment with. Looking forward to meet this amazing team soon. Was an awesome journey so far but…..it’s only the beginning if you know what I mean?

Sasi Kumar Mukund, INDIA