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Kateryna Drynova - Tennis Coach


Kateryna Drynova

I have been working as a coach for more than 15 years. I absolutely love my job. In a couple of years due to hard work and good results a lot people joined our team. We even start own academy “Varsity Tennis Academy”. We do a lot of traveling to compete with best players. Last winter we had great group trip to “Orange Bowl”.  We also do a lot of fun events and activities at home.

  • Played #1 for Southern Utah University (D1)
  • WTCA Certificate of Qualification
  • WTCA member (constantly learn and improve) 
  • Toni Nadal – “Tennis Intermediate Level” 27/08/2018
  • Toni Nadal – “Tennis Advance Level” 30/11/2018
  • ITF Level 1:
  • Modul 1 “Play&Stay”
  • Modul 2  “Technical and Physical tennis players’ preparation at the beginning level” 
  • Modul 3  “Tactical and Psychological training of junior players”

Coaching times & fees

Please contact Kateryna directly via email or phone for more information on her availability and costing.

Further information

I am currently working with 2 players who i would love to travel with and take them to any academy I work with:

People say I am good with small technical details and can find the right words. When I start working with new players I always do tests to define how they perceive information. Who they are? Visual, kinaesthetic or auditory, it’s very important to increase quality and speed of your training. Also, I have my own motivation system to make every practice competitive.

With my players first of all we are good friends. I am help them do their best in all life areas. I am always there for them when they need me. My alumni’s played tennis for US colleges and we are lifetime friends!

My dream is to share sport I love with people and make it lifetime sport for them!


Core Competencies:

  • More than 15 years working experience.
  • I have a huge variety of tennis drills for individual and group lessons, for tennis professionals and amateurs.
  • Deliver game vision to my students through play situations and tactical drills.
  • My players perform at a high level. Usually they make top-3 on every tournament.
  • International Touring to Tennis Europe tournaments and Orange Bowl.
  • Organize fun tennis events for Christmas, Birthdays, etc. People really love it!
  • Guarantee college placement for my students. All my alumni are currently studying in US colleges or already graduated.
  • Exclusive representative of “No Quit” Tennis Academy (Nevada, USA). They provide wonderful experience for foreign students to live in US families and train in very motivated environment.
  • Use to run clinics in English. Worked with US Embassy Counselor, General Manager “Bank of Cyprus” from Greece, Deloitte, etc.


Kateryna is the most incredible tennis coach I have ever trained with. She is always dedicated to train her students not only in the way that would increase the level of their technique and athletic endurance but also their sportsmanship and competitive character. I have trained with her for a quite long time to say with confidence that every single practice she changes something in a very new and advanced way that’s is kept up to internationally accepted tennis standards. She always strives to become friends with her students which makes it even more pleasurable to train with her because both you and her become familiar with each which majorly helps to compromise during the intensive practices. Her inexhaustible determination for excellency always keeps you motivated because you understand that she would do everything to make the best possible tennis player out of you

Gleb Maydanik


I had been playing with Kateryna almost for 2 years and I can say that she is the best coach I have ever trained with. Katia is a great person with a big heart and beautiful smile. She loves the job what she does I always could see fire in her eyes. Kateryna so addicted to train her students not only the way other coaches do. I pretty sure for each student she is much more bigger than just a coach. In tennis court she is your coach, in real life a best friend or even second mom. Katia always could find right words to cheer you up, motivated or calm. To sum up, if I had a child who wanted to play tennis or friend who asked me about coach to trained with I would give Katia’s number without hesitation.

Nikita Pavlov