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mugisha emmy

usa / indiana

Hello, everyone! My name is Emmy Mugisha and I enjoy being a tennis coach. I\’ve been passionate about tennis since my junior period and college days, where I played at a competitive level. Over the years, I\’ve honed my skills and developed and understanding the game .I like to help you improve your game, achieve your goals, and most importantly, enjoy the wonderful sport of tennis. Let\’s hit the court and have a great time


Tennis Expertise:

  • Extensive experience in playing tennis from a young age.
  • Competed in numerous tournaments, showcasing both skill and competitive spirit.
  • Continually strive to improve technique, strategy, and overall performance through dedicated practice and learning.

Communication and Collaboration:

  • Effective communication skills honed through interactions with diverse individuals and groups.
  • Collaborative mindset, open to exchanging ideas and perspectives to achieve common goals.
  • Ability to articulate thoughts and convey information clearly and concisely, fostering understanding and engagement.

Community Engagement:

  • Actively involved in the tennis community, fostering connections and friendships with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Engage in discussions, events, and activities that promote camaraderie and support within the tennis community.
  • Willingness to share knowledge, experiences, and insights to inspire and empower others in their tennis journey.

Photography Skills:

  • Proficient in capturing moments both on and off the tennis court.
  • Skilled in using various camera equipment and editing software to enhance photographs.
  • Ability to find beauty and creativity in everyday scenes, translating them into captivating images.

Fitness and Active Lifestyle:

  • Committed to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Regularly engage in physical activities such as tennis, gym workouts, running, and hiking.
  • Understand the importance of balance between physical fitness, mental well-being, and personal growth.

Advanced diploma in mechanical engineering in production and Manufacturing technology

In progress of earning bachelors degree in engineering and management 


Coaching times & fees


Tennis Coaching Times and Fees:

Private Coaching Sessions:

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Availability: Flexible scheduling based on mutual availability
  • Fees: $60per hour

Semi-Private Coaching Sessions (2-3 participants):

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Availability: Scheduled based on participants’ availability
  • Fees: $30 per person per hour

Group Coaching Sessions (4-6 participants):

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Availability: Scheduled group sessions at designated times
  • Fees: $20 per person per hour

Further information

International Tennis Federation (ITF)

ITA (#wearecollegetennis)

NAIA(national association of intercollegiate athletics)

I began playing tennis at a young age, drawn to the fast-paced nature of the game and the strategic thinking it requires. Over the years, I’ve competed in various tournaments, both locally and nationally, pushing myself to continually elevate my performance and expand my tennis repertoire.

Off the court, I’m an avid fan of all things related to tennis. Whether it’s watching professional matches, analyzing gameplay strategies, or discussing the latest news in the tennis world, I love immersing myself in the sport’s rich culture and history.

When I’m not on the court or engrossed in tennis-related activities, you can find me pursuing my other interests and hobbies. I have a keen interest in photography, finding beauty in capturing moments both on and off the court. Exploring nature, hiking through scenic trails, and capturing breathtaking landscapes through my lens bring me immense joy and tranquility.

I’m also passionate about staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s hitting the gym, going for a run, or trying out new fitness classes, I thrive on the energy and vitality that comes from staying physically active.

Above all, I value connection and community. Tennis has not only provided me with countless opportunities for personal growth but has also allowed me to forge lasting friendships and connections with fellow enthusiasts. I cherish the camaraderie and sense of belonging that comes from being part of such a vibrant and supportive community.

In summary, tennis isn’t just a sport to me; it’s a lifelong journey filled with passion, growth, and camaraderie. I’m excited to continue exploring the endless possibilities that tennis and life have to offer.

Additional Information:

  • Passionate about Tennis: Tennis isn’t just a sport for me; it’s a way of life. From the exhilarating rush of competition to the serene focus of practice sessions, tennis has been my constant companion and source of inspiration throughout my journey as a student-athlete.
  • Academic Excellence: While tennis has been a significant part of my college experience, I’ve also prioritized academic excellence. I’ve maintained a strong GPA in my major of Engineering and management  , and have been actively involved in academic clubs and research projects related to Engineering
  • Leadership and Service: Beyond the tennis court and the classroom, I’ve sought opportunities to make a positive impact in my community. As a leader within the tennis team, I’ve mentored younger players, organized team events, and served as a role model for sportsmanship and integrity. Additionally, I’ve volunteered with local charities and community organizations, contributing to causes that are close to my heart.
  • Career Aspirations: Looking towards the future, I’m excited to explore career opportunities that allow me to combine my passion for tennis with my academic background in engineering and management . Whether it’s pursuing a career in sports management, coaching, or leveraging my skills in a related field, I’m eager to make a meaningful contribution to the world of tennis and beyond.
  • Personal Interests: Outside of tennis and academics, I enjoy hobbies and  interests outside of tennis, such as music, travel, or photography. These interests provide balance to my life and enrich my overall college experience.



 Tennis Coach and counselor  John Newcombe tennis academy, San Antonio may 2023- august 2023

  • Plan, organize, and conduct individual and group tennis lessons for players of all ages and skill levels.
  • Develop personalized training programs tailored to each player’s goals and abilities, focusing on technical skills, strategy, fitness, and mental preparation.
  • Provide on-court coaching during practice sessions and competitive matches, offering feedback and guidance to enhance performance and confidence.
  • Coordinate and oversee junior tennis programs, including clinics, camps, and tournaments, to foster player development and engagement.
  • Collaborate with club management to organize and promote tennis events, leagues, and social activities, fostering a vibrant and inclusive tennis community.
  • Maintain accurate records of player progress, lesson schedules, and program enrollment, ensuring efficient administration and communication with players and parents.


Assistant Tennis Coach IPRC national tennis academy ,Kigali ,Rwanda June 2017 – December 2022

  • Assisted head coach in delivering group tennis lessons and clinics for beginner to intermediate players, focusing on fundamental skills and techniques.
  • Provided individualized instruction and feedback to players during practice sessions, emphasizing proper stroke mechanics, footwork, and court positioning.
  • Supported the organization and execution of tennis camps, workshops, and special events, ensuring a positive and rewarding experience for participants.
  • Assisted in maintaining tennis facilities, including court maintenance, equipment inventory, and cleanliness, to provide a safe and conducive environment for training and play.
  • Engaged with parents and players to address questions, concerns, and feedback, fostering strong relationships and a supportive tennis community.

Playing Experience:

  • Represented ecology Tennis Club in regional and national tournaments, achieving notable successes in both singles and doubles competition.
  • Played collegiate tennis at Bethel University, competing at the varsity level and contributing to team achievements in conference play.
  • played ITF junior and pro tournaments including ITF 15K and 25K
  • played high UTR tournaments and beat 12 and 11 UTRS



 Tennis Coach The Southbend  Racquet Club, Southbend  December 2023 to present 

  • Assisted head coach in delivering tennis lessons and clinics for players of various ages and skill levels, focusing on fundamental skills and technique.
  • Provided on-court assistance during practice sessions and competitive matches, offering guidance and support to players.
  • Assisted in organizing and coordinating tennis camps, workshops, and special events, ensuring a positive and rewarding experience for participants.
  • Supported club events and activities, including tournaments, socials, and fundraisers, to promote tennis awareness and community engagement.
  • Maintained cleanliness and organization of tennis facilities, including courts, equipment, and storage areas, to provide a safe and welcoming environment for players.


College Tennis Player Bethel University, Mishawaka  January 2023- present 

  • Competed as a member of the varsity tennis team, representing Bethel University in collegiate tennis competitions.
  • Played singles and doubles matches against other collegiate teams in conference play and regional tournaments.
  • Contributed to team successes, including conference championships, regional rankings, and postseason appearances.
  • Demonstrated strong leadership and teamwork skills, both on and off the court, fostering a positive and supportive team environment.
  • Balanced rigorous training and competition schedules with academic responsibilities, maintaining a high level of performance in both areas.
  • Participated in community outreach and volunteer activities as a student-athlete, engaging with local schools, youth programs, and charitable organizations.
  • Honored with individual awards and accolades for on-court achievements, sportsmanship, and academic excellence.


From a Fellow Teammate: I have had the pleasure of playing alongside Emmy for the past two seasons, and his dedication to the team and passion for the sport are truly inspiring. He is not just a talented player but also a supportive teammate and natural leader on and off the court.

Mr. L / Bethel university


From a Tennis Coach - I've had the pleasure of coaching EMMY for several years, and his growth and development as a tennis player have been remarkable to witness. His work ethic, coachability, and passion for the game set them apart as a standout player and a true asset to the team.

Mr. J /IPRC national tennis academy


I have known Emmy for many years as a dedicated volunteer in our community. Whether he is organizing tennis clinics for local youth or participating in charitable events, his commitment to making a positive impact is truly commendable. He is not just a talented athlete but also a kind-hearted individual who embodies the values of sportsmanship and service.

Mr. A / GTA containers