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Eyal Nahum - Tennis Coach

Tel aviv

My name is eyal nahum.i am 38 years old. i am from israel .i am coaching tennis since 2008.
One of the best things that i am doing in my life is to teach tennis!
Tennis is like magic. it\’s a great sport for your mind and also for your body.

  • 2012-2013 -Tennis coach, certificated by WINGATE INSTITUTE .
  • 2011-2012- Tennis instructor, certificated by campus siim in tel aviv university
  • 2010-2011-Assistant tennis guide:  certificated by the acadamy in hadar yosef in tel aviv.

Coaching times & fees
  1. On this information you can call me please : 054-6267927 
  2. Text me e mail : Eyal_peace@walla.co.il
  3. Facebook : Eyal nahum

Further information
  1. A member in the i.t.a (Israel tennis association).

My hobbies are : 

1.Travel in the world

2.Go to the beach

3.Go to the mall

4.Go shopping

5.Go to eat in resturents

6.Drive on cars

7.Play tennis

The ideal for me is to enjoy the life as possible!

  • Name: Eyal nahum
  • Residance : tel aviv
  • Age : 38.3
  • Phone number : 054-6267927
  • Email: eyal_peace@walla.co.il
  • 2020-Until now-coaching in the acadamy of dudi sala 100 practicing. 45 of them are pros. . they are play 6 days a week with 5 times a week fitness training. their ages moving from 9-25. also 5 of them have a high rankings on the itf juniors and on itf rankings.
  • For further questions :
  • Eyal nahum 054-6267927 (what’s uo nomber)
  • E mail: Eyal_peace@walla.co.il
  • Facebook :Eyal nahum
  • Instagram : Eyal nahum
  • 2013 2020 –  Coaching with israel shimaoni -head coach in ramla tennis center. coaching 80 players begginers and pros..
  • 2012-2013 – Tennis coach, certificatd by wingate institute .
  • 2011-2012- Tennis instructor, certificatd by campus siim in tel aviv university
  • 2010-2011- Assistent guide :  certificated by the acadamy in hadar yosef in tel aviv.
  • 2007-2010-  Working as assitence instructor at the tennis club in kohav yair village 
  • 2004-2007 -Full millitary service (3 years) -infantry fighter in kfir brigade
  • 2001-2004 – Full maturity – high school education -12 years of study