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Gabor Pelva - Tennis Consultant


Gabor Pelva is currently a consultant for player and coach development in Hungary and Worldwide. His work extends to collaborating with National Tennis Associations, clubs, coaches, players and tennis parents. He is a founder of two sports agencies, ©TennisConsultancy and ©GoCollegeSports.



  • ITF High Performance Coach, Level 3 Coaching Certificate | 2021
  • USPTA Professional 2 Coaching Certificate | 2013


  • M.Ed. Exercise Science | 2008, Auburn University, Auburn, AL, USA
  • SPORTS COACH | 2002, College of Sports and Health, Belgrade, Serbia


  • ITF Worldwide Coaches Conferences | 2017, 2019, 2021
  • Tennis Europe Coach Education Conferences | 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Coaching times & fees


  • Please contact me via email or WhatsApp to discuss how I can assist you in your tennis journey.


  • I can help you with college placement, player development, mentoring, and parent consulting and education.


  • I can help your organization optimize player development programs, help grow participation, improve your high-performance program, conduct camps, educate parents and coaches, and train the technical staff.

As an accomplished and energetic professional, I bring a wealth of experience in coaching, teaching, and leadership, cultivated in diverse sports organizations globally.

Specializing as a tennis player-centered coach, mentor, and advisor, my focus revolves around prioritizing individual goals and guiding athletes towards their desired outcomes. I am particularly drawn to challenges and complex cases, finding fulfillment in overcoming obstacles and facilitating progress. Additionally, I adopt a holistic approach to player support, recognizing the importance of addressing various aspects to ensure comprehensive development.

In extension, I offer my expertise to organizations, providing valuable advice to enhance their overall performance and development.


GoCollegeSports – Managing Director I 2021-present

  • Managing tennis players and athletes from other sports in the recruiting process to obtain a scholarship for studying and playing college sports in the US. In the past 2 years, I have helped close to 30 players find their dream placements in the States.
  • Please visit our website for more information at gocollegesports.com
  • Schedule a free consultation to discuss your future as a potential student-athlete.

Tennis Consultancy – Managing Director I 2021-present

  • Conducted over 20 parent workshops with the aim of helping parents understand the tennis ecosystem and supporting them in their tennis journey.
  • Worked with several tennis clubs in Hungary to optimize their player development programs and conducted coaching education sessions.
  • Advised and mentored numerous high-performance players and their teams (coaches and parents).
  • Led a 9-week project as an ITF Expert for the Development of the National Sports System in Bahrain to enhance the participation and performance of Bahrain Tennis through a comprehensive approach that involved training, competition, and education of tennis players, coaches, parents, and National Association administrative staff.
  • Tutored participants in the International Coaching Program at the Hungarian University of Sports Science in Budapest, Hungary.

Hungarian Tennis Association I 2013-2021 

  • Served in several key positions: National Team Head Coach, Fed Cup Assistant Captain, Coach Education Director, and Sports Director.
  • Contributed to the growth of the sport by managing several projects aimed at increasing performance and participation in tennis.
  • Coached and supported numerous talented players on their tennis journey.
  • Credited with creating a high-performance junior program at the National Training Center, developing a player talent identification and selection program, creating a fitness test for evaluating physical conditioning, and developing a psychological assessment test for players.
  • Organized numerous educational events and provided personal counseling and coaching to parents.
  • Helped over 250 coaches gain a deeper understanding and greater awareness of the coaching profession.
  • Editor and co-writer of two manuals for coaches and parents.

Auburn University I 2005-2013

  • Assistant Coach for five years and Associate Head Men’s Tennis Coach for three years.
  • Responsible for player development, recruiting, and team management.

Notable coaching results

  • Coached Tim Puetz and Andreas Mies, former Auburn University Men’s Tennis Team players, for four years. Advised them to pursue professional careers, and they both achieved success shortly after college.Tim Puetz reached a career-high ATP singles ranking of 163 and career-high and 7th in doubles. Andreas Mies reached a career-high ATP singles ranking of 781 and 8th in doubles. He won the Roland Garros doubles title in both 2019 and 2020.
  • Coached Tim Puetz and Alex Stamchev to the No. 1 doubles ranking in college tennis.
  • Coached Akos Kotorman for three years at the National Tennis Center in Budapest, helping him reach his highest ITF Junior ranking of 62. Akos later attended Baylor University in the United States one of the best college tennis programs in the US.
  • Coached Reka Jani, a WTA player and former Fed Cup team member, for one year. Assisted Reka in her comeback after a year-long recovery from a knee surgery. During her time with me, Reka was ranked in the top 150 on the WTA tour.
  • Worked as a travel coach and oversaw training programs for:
    • Mate Valkusz, former number one ITF junior player, currently on the ATP tour with career-high ATP singles ranking of 204.
    • Anna Bondar, U18 European Champion, currently a top 100 WTA player with a career-high top 50 WTA ranking.
    • Fanni Stollar, Wimbledon Junior Doubles Champion, former WTA 67 doubles player. In singles with a career-best of 114 WTA.
    • And many others…

Achievements as a national team head coach and team captain

  • Summer Cups – European Championship, U18 girls’ team – 3rd place Anna Bondár, Lotti Mészáros, Rebeka Stolmár; August 2015. Granville, France
  • European Championship, U18 girls’ singles – 1st place Anna Bondár; July 2015. Klosters, Switzerland
  • European Championship, U18 girls’ doubles – 2nd place Dalma Gálfi/Fanni Stollár; July 2015. Klosters, Switzerland
  • ITF Junior Fed Cup World Championship, U16 girls’ team – 3rd place Fanni Stollár, Dalma Gálfi, Panna Udvardy; September 2014. San Luis Potosí, Mexico.
  • Youth Olympic Games, U18 mixed doubles – 3rd place Fanni Stollár; August 2014. Nanjing, China.
  • Summer Cups – European Championship, U16 girls’ team – 1st place Fanni Stollár, Dalma Gálfi, Panna Udvardy; August 2014. Budapest, Hungary
  • European Championship, U16 girls’ singles – 1st place Fanni Stollár; July 2014. Moscow, Russia
  • European Championship, U16 girls’ doubles – 1st place Fanni Stollár/Dalma Gálfi; July 2014. Moscow, Russia
  • European Individual Championship, U16 boys’ singles – 3rd place Máté Valkusz; July 2014. Moscow, Russia
  • European Individual Championship, U16 boys’ doubles – 3rd place Máté Valkusz/Ákos Kotormán; July 2014. Moscow, Russia
  • Winter Cups – European Championship, U16 girls’ team – 1st place Fanni Stollár, Dalma Gálfi, Panna Udvardy; February 2014. Ricany, Czech Republic
  • Tennis Europe Masters, U16 boys’ singles – 1st place Máté Valkusz; October 2013. Reggio Di Calabria, Italy