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Lech Gontar - ITF / College Tennis Player

Lesser Poland

Lech Gontar, a skilled tennis doubles player from Cracow, Poland, excels in net play and serving. Beginning at age 4, he\\\\\\\’s competed in national and international tournaments, achieving success in junior, U23, and team categories.

Known for strategic play and partnership skills, Lech is focused on enhancing his endurance, technique, and strategy. He seeks opportunities for advanced training and competitive play. Explore further for detailed insights into Lech\\\’s career and goals in tennis.
If it will be possible he want to play leauges in different country. It can be Leauges in Germany, France, Italy etc…

Education & Rankings
  • Professional Tennis Experience: 7 years playing professionally, with participation in numerous national and international tournaments.
  • Ranking Achievement: Attained a peak Junior ITF ranking of 948.
  • Technical Proficiency: Skilled in all court areas, including baseline, net play, and service box, with strengths in powerful serves and net play.
  • Physical Fitness: Demonstrates high levels of fitness and endurance, vital for rigorous match play.
  • Strategic Skills: Proficient in analyzing opponents and adapting strategies during matches.
  • Tactical Knowledge: Solid understanding of both singles and doubles play, employing effective tactics in each format.
  • Achievements: Winner of a National Junior Team Championship; medalist in National Doubles Championships in both Junior and U23 categories.
  • Team Competitions: Significant experience in team competitions, contributing to overall team success.
  • Continuous Training: Dedicated to regular training for skill enhancement and tactical improvement.
  • Sport Understanding: Comprehensive knowledge of tennis rules, regulations, and history, along with a keen awareness of the current professional circuit.
  • UTR: Singles my utr is 10.44and my best was 11.04. In doubles my utr is 11.42

Playing experience


  • Open to engagements as a hitting partner and coach for notable junior players and women.
  • Flexible scheduling options to accommodate the unique needs of each player.
  • Available for both regular sessions and intensive training camps.

Services Offered:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions tailored to individual player’s needs and goals.
  • Specialized training for junior athletes focusing on skill development, tactical awareness, and physical conditioning.
  • Advanced hitting sessions for female players looking to enhance their competitive edge.

Additional Information:

  • Each session is designed to provide a high level of personalized attention and effective training.
  • Emphasis on developing both technical skills and strategic gameplay.
  • Committed to fostering a positive and challenging training environment.

About you

International Tennis Federation (ITF): Member of the global governing body for tennis, participating in ITF-sanctioned events and adhering to its regulations and standards.

Lech developed his tennis expertise at the Academic Sports Association while studying at the Sport Academy in Cracow. When not on the court, he enjoys gaming on the Nintendo Switch and watching Studio Ghibli movies. He’s also active in other sports like football, roller skating, skiing, and snowboarding. Dive deeper into Lech’s profile for more on his tennis journey and future goals.

Current and Previous Coach, Club & Academies

With a background enriched by years of commitment and diverse experiences, I have traversed various levels of tennis. My journey, extending over 7 years as a professional player, encompasses competitive play with a special focus on doubles. Renowned for an aggressive serve-and-volley style, I have participated in numerous tournaments, developing a nuanced understanding of the sport.

My tennis philosophy centers on holistic development, emphasizing all-round growth in skills, strategy, and mental fortitude. This comprehensive approach has not only sharpened my abilities but also fueled my passion for imparting knowledge and nurturing the sport’s growth.

My commitment to tennis goes beyond personal achievement; it’s about fostering excellence and a love for the game, both on and off the court.


Hello, I've been working with Lech since 2017. I can definitely say that Lech is very talented player.

Tomasz Zabrocki / Coach


Lech has a very "big" forehand and serve. He sees a lot on the court and always looking for good solutions.

Tomasz Zabrocki / Coach


I can say that Lech needs to work on his consistance in game but comparing to his talent, fast solutions it's his big advantage.

Tomasz Zabrocki / Coach


During our work together, Lech has won bronze medal in Polish National Championships doubles, gold medal in Polish Team National Championsips, he got to several semis and quarters in ITF singles. As a junior Lech finished year in 948 ITF and 14 Polish rank U18.

Tomasz Zabrocki / Coach


In case You need more info, please contact me by email: Zabro@poczta.onet.pl or phone: +48501661501.

Tomasz Zabrocki / Coach