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Haydn Lewis - Tennis Coach

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Haydn Lewis

My name is Haydn Lewis and I am a former professional player, current member of the Barbados Davis Cup team and ITF/ATP travel coach from Barbados. I have achieved a career high ATP ranking of 580 in singles and 400 in Doubles. I have a strong passion for competitive tennis and coaching competitive players, especially the mental side of the sport. I am still a current member of the Barbados Davis cup team and plan to keep active for as long as I possibly can. To me, it’s such an amazing honor to represent my island on the world stage

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Haydn direct via email or Whatsapp.
  • He can be contacted via Whatsapp on +12462516851
  • Or you can contact him using email on haydnlewis246@gmail.com



Career high ATP ranking of 580 in singles and 400 in Doubles


  • Former Barbados #1 men’s tennis player at age 17
  • Currently #2 men’s tennis player in Barbados
  • ATP professional player at age 18 (2004-2012)
  • Current member of the Barbados Davis cup team (2004 – present), Barbados’ most accomplished Davis Cup Player (Most wins)



  • ATP travel coach for USA professional player Raymond Sarmiento. (2015-present)
  • US Open 2017 with Raymond Sarmiento
  • Practice partner for several top ranked ATP players including former world #1 Caroline Wozniacki, world #7 Gael Monfils and former world #13 Alexandr Dolgopolov.
  • ITF Juniors  travel coach


  • Amanyara Resort Turks and Caicos (Peak season 2019)
  • Amanera Resort Dominican Republic (Peak season 2021)


  • Coaching at luxury private villas (2013-pesent)
  • Coaching local clientele, both recreational and competitive players (2013-present)


I believe that Hayden has a lot to offer to my game because he has played on the circuit and can guide me in the right direction. During our training sessions Hayden always brings new and improved ideas which makes them interesting but also we learn and improve our game

Hannah Chambers


Having Haydn as a guide/mentor has really helped keep me motivated for what comes ahead, especially these days that there is no certainty as to when my next important tournament might be. It is very beneficial to have someone who is always willing to take time out of their day to come and either hit balls with you or join you in a workout session. Doing these things by yourself can get pretty lonely or boring so having someone to be around is very helpful. Haydn, who has gone through this same process many times (and still is), is ideal for my learning process. I have always looked up to Haydn from a young age and therefore I am very grateful for what he is doing for

Kaipo Marshall


What I really enjoy about my time spent with Haydn is how he pushes and encourages me even when I don't feel like moving, when we are on court or in the gym it's serious but always a good laugh on the side and the quality is always good. But the positivity and encouragement from someone who understands where i want to reach in my sport and has been there himself are really helping me improve not only the physical but more importantly my understanding of what's needed and my mindset too.

Stephen Slocombe