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Player Seeking Sponsorship - Ilias Worthington

United Kingdom

Ilias Hirani Worthington

I am born and bred in a little village Glazebury, in Cheshire, with my mum and dad (Rob and Nurshina), and my sister Syrah. Having grown up in a very democratically and culturally diverse setting, I was taught from an early age the importance of family, spending a lot of my early years learning and being nurtured by my 2 amazing grandmothers. They taught me to live my life with passion, purpose and to follow my dreams. They also taught me (due to my grandads passing away) that we have to work hard, have courage and be strong in order to achieve our dreams.

Education & Rankings
  • Current Ranking – 50 UK (14/u).
  • Previous Ranking – 16 UK (12/u).

Playing experience
  • Quarter finals of doubles – Grade 1
  • County champion
  • Winner of many Grade 3 comps

Ilias has played since  3yrs old and now plays 6 days a week 3-4 hrs a day and competing once a month.

About you
  • DOB: – 27/11/2005
  • Hand Used: – right handed
  • Height: – 166.6cm
  • Racket: – Head Speed MP
  • Strings: – Head lynx edge with hawk
  • Clothing: – Head , Nike , Asics
  • Shoes: – Head , Nike, Asics
  • Any Sponsors: – None
  • Favourite Player: – Novak
  • Career Aspirations: – To play Full Time when I finish school
  • Favourite Tournament: – Summer national grade 1 uk
  • Best Surface: – Clay
  • Best Win: – 9/u national grade 2 r/up. Winner of many 12/u & 14/u grade 3 comps. Quarter finals of 12/u National grade 1
  • Goals for Year: – Build on mental areas. Play in international TE events.
  • Favourite Quote: – There is no growth in comfort

For some people tennis is a hobby, something they ‘fell’ into, stumbled across and happened to be good at it. This was different for me as I have always grown up around tennis, inheriting my passion from my dad. Tennis isn’t a hobby, or just a sport for me, it’s my surrounding, my happiness and my life. From a young age I have been fully involved in tennis, holding a racquet , a ball and playing the game all feeling natural to me.

From an early age I quickly developed my own style, flare and this was noted at an early age when I became under 8 Cheshire county champion, aged 6. I have since had more success as a red, orange and green player, reaching national tour semi finals and finals at 9/u. I have always been selected for regional camps and the some national camps and I was on the regional pathway until 2 years ago. I am determined to go beyond this level.

Current and Previous Coach, Club & Academies

Ilias has been playing at Bolton Acadamy for 2yrs  with other National and ITF players and his coach is currently Simone Marcantonio.

Simone started his career at one of the best clubs in the Italy, training some of the best Italian ITF Junior players and was a sparring partner for WTA & ITF players. He moved to an academy in Spain 2 years ago (4 Slam Tennis)  and had the regular opportunity to coach ATP, ITF Junior and Tennis Europe players.

Ilias was previously trained by Simon Thornewill – Junior County Performance coordinator at David Lloyd Cheadle. 


“Ilias is a talented young player with excellent passion and dedication for the game. I believe he is an ideal candidate to receive funding to further progress his talents”

Liam Broady - ATP Tennis Player


I have been working individually with Ilias since December 2017, which has shown commitment from his family in terms of investing in his development. In that time, he has progressed considerably. We have focussed on creating a more robust and resilient athlete, which has had a positive effect on reducing his injury occurrence and on-court performance. As well as physical training we also utilise the individual contact time to work on mental aspects of Ilias’s tennis in terms of preparation, discipline, effort and reflection” “Ilias is currently at 92% of his predicted adult height, with another 15cm of expected growth occurring in the coming few months. Ilias is often training and competing against opponents who biologically, are a whole year more physically mature and developed than him. This presents its challenges, having to deal with more powerful opponents, Ilias however is dealing well with this and understands that he will soon gain the benefits of going through puberty and the strength gains it brings

Howard Green - Tennis Strength & Conditioning Coach


I’ve only just moved to Bolton Arena in September 2019 and ilias was one of my first lessons. I was so impressed with his ability to want to learn and his resilience around his work ethic is amazing. I thrive of passion and will power and ilias shows all this and more. Ilias is the smallest in his age category but definitely one of the strongest mentally. Once ilias grows physically his results will happen.”

Simone Marcantonio - Tennis Coach