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Jon Prenelle - Tennis Coach

East Sussex
United Kingdom

I first started coaching in 1997. Where I went on to obtain my coaching license, LTA and European Coaching Certifications. In my career I have worked with all levels of players from Beginners, national championship adult teams to WTA, ATP and ITF tour players. Such as Sashia Vickery who obtained a Junior world ranking as high as number 6 and Oliver Crawford who reached number 9 published by the International Tennis Federation (ITF)

I am a certified PTR & USPTA Elite professional and LTA Level 4 qualified. I have also worked and toured with players from all over the world, as well as consulting for several National Tennis Federations. I worked in the the USA for a decade running some of the most prestigious and successful clubs in the US. My last role was as Director of Tennis for the exclusive Club, where I developed the internationally renowned South Carolina Tennis Academy, attracting world ranked players from over 15 countries.

  • USPTA, LTA, ITF and PTR Professional
  • 25 Years experience working with world ranked players to club members.
  • 2001 Lawn Tennis Association Development Coaching Award Level 3, UK Certification
  • 2004 Lawn Tennis Association Club Coaching Performance Award Level 4, UK Certification CCA Performance
  • 1999 PTR Certified Professional
  • 2007 USPTA professional
  • LTA Accredited, DBS, Safeguarding and first aid current.

Further information
  • USTA
  • PTR
  • LTA

Pationate experienced coach of 25 years, experience working at all levels. Fortunate enough to have worked with 2 Orange bowl winners, multiple top 10 ITF juniors and 4 top 100 WTA players.

Biggest hobby outside of tennis is cooking and spending time with my kids



Director of Tennis, Kent and Sussex Tennis 2015-To Date


I am currently running 3 facilities in the South East of the UK, mainly at a private members club using my knowledge and experience to continue to grow a program of over 250 junior players per week. This has been a greenfield program that started from zero, since then the numbers have grown to over 90 hours per week of coaching.


Director of Tennis, South Carolina Tennis Academy                                                                                                                  Murrells Inlet, SC                                                                                                      May 2013 to July 2015



  • Manage the day to day tennis operations of the area’s most prestigious country club
  • Run the “South Carolina Tennis Academy”, our high performance program.
  • Responsible for all areas of budgeting, programming, staffing and maintenance of the Tennis club and facility.
  • Direct and coach the clubs USTA adult teams.
  • Responsible for all marketing, promotion and communication for the Tennis Department.



  • International players ATP
  • Nicholas Barrientos, Ivan Endara, Sebastian Arce (Colombia), Juan Sebastian Zabala (Ecuador), Mark Watts (GB), Camilo Sandoval (Colombia), Marcos Salazar  (Peru), Camilo Erazo (Colombia), Joseph Imeh (Nigeria). Dennis Afanasev, William Howells,  Sebastian Mermersky


  • WTA players
  • Sashia Vickery #6 ITF
  • Vera Zvonareva (Career high #2 WTA), 6 week contract for tournament preparation.
  • Alisa Klebanova (Career high #20 WTA)
  • Emily Harmon (Career high 232 Doubles)
  • Oliver Crawford (ITF 9 QF 2017 Wimbledon)


  • 2 Orange Bowl champions
  • 1 Eddie Herr champion
  • 2 WTA top 25 players


Touring coach/ consultant

Tennis Federation of Colombia, Ecuador, Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda

May 2012 to July 2015                                                              



  • Train, coach and manage top international ranked juniors and organize necessary travel and visas to tournaments and Davis Cup events.
  • Use video analysis to assist in any necessary technical changes
  • Design nutritional plans
  • Organize training blocks allowing the players to peak according to their tournament schedule.
  • Use my background in Sport Psychology to assist the players in goal setting, visualization giving them the necessary tools to control their performance.
  • Design and work with the players on their physical conditioning schedules, based around their training blocks.




Stonebrook Club                                                                                                                        Winchester Va

Director of Tennis/General Manager                                                                                2006 to May 2013                                                      


  • Manage, develop and deliver all tennis programs based on the club’s needs.
  • Coordinate and run 9 USTA adult teams.

(this includes 2 National championship winning teams)

  • Develop, manage and deliver Continuing Education for assistant professionals.
  • Research, develop and apply different aspects of tennis expertise
  • Manage and run the club pro shop. Including all inventory ordering, stock check, staff schedules invoicing.
  • Racquet restringing.
  • Manage QuickStart community program. I took a team of assistant pros and volunteers into the local schools where we take over P.E classes for the week and introduce the children to tennis.
  • Manage all tournaments and events at the club.
  • Secure sponsorships for all tennis scholarships, and manage the academy.
  • (we had had 6 State champions, 2 world ranked players and 38 players that have tennis scholarships to Universities)
  • Log and receive all payments for the Tennis Program
  • Manage and write payroll for the tennis department
  • Teach Group and private lessons from our mini tennis program through to our senior teams.
  • Manage assistant professionals.
  • Co-manage annual budget for the club
  • Liaise with the USTA representatives.
  • Manage and teach the Performance Program. Oversee the Tennis conditioning for our elite players.
  • Responsible for all clay court maintenance.




Abbey Road Tennis Club                                                                                           Pass Christian, Mississippi

Director of Tennis                                                                                                                                     2004 to 2005


  • Directed all areas of tennis operations
  • Manage annual budget
  • Teach and develop tennis programs.
  • Manage office and staff
  • Run Pro Shop
  • Ran the largest summer camp program in the area.


To whom it may concern: Jon has been very inspirational in the development of my tennis game. He has helped me with overall strategic and technical aspects of my game. He has always been a source of knowledge and support whenever I felt like I was not in the best place strategically, tactically or technically. Jon has always assisted me with the mental preparation of my game, which helped me to become the number 6 world ranked ITF player in the world. He taught me how to take control when stress becomes a hindrance. As a top 100 professional player, I continue to rely on Jon for advice and coaching both on and off the court. He is a resource of overall wealth and knowledge of every aspect of the game of tennis. Coaching, scheduling and mental conditioning. His prowess and love of the game is unbelievable, thus an inspiration that radiates motivation to any player. Sachia Vickery 10/23/2015

S Vickery


My name is Juan Abuchaibe , Colombia National Coach. This recommendation letter is for Jon Prenelle. Jon has helped the Federación Colombiana de Tenis with several of our top Junior players in the past.  When we were touring abroad to ITFs with Colombia's best players, Jon and myself always stayed in the same hotel when possible. We had some great trips to the Eddie Herr, Orange bowl and futures together. His knowledge and of the game is nothing short of world class. His players results speak for themself. But as a person his energy and drive is infectious.  As a coach he demands the best from his players, and won't settle for anything less. I can't recommend him highly enough as a person and as a coach. If you wish to discuss this further please contact me. Juan abuchaibe Phone number +573005492892

J Abuchaibe


My name is Julian Vespan, ATP Coach, WTA Coach,consultant, former coach of Adrian Voinea, Hicham Arazi, Alisa Kleybanova, Vera Zvonareva. I am writing this recommendation letter for Jon Prenelle. I have known Jon for 10 years, we have worked together with numerous WTA and ITF juniors. And have spent a lot of time together travelling the world with players. As a touring coach Jon is an expert in the field, even today I still ask his advise. There are only a handful of coaches that have had top 1 0 ITF juniors let alone an Orange bowl champions. Jon is known in the industry as one of the most knowledgeable tactical coaches in the world. I have only seen him work with Professional players, but regardless his professionalism, passion, and knowledge would be an asset to any player or facility. All the best, Julian

Julian Vespan


I have known Jon Prenelle for 10 years, We worked together at watchesaw Plantation Club where he created the South Carolina Tennis Academy. Jon is one of the best coaches I have ever known. He understands the game so well, and I learned so much from him. Besides his amazing coaching experience and his passion for the sport, Jon is a great leader. He has the skills to lead any Performance program anywhere in the world. Leo Correa USTA Billy Jean King-National Tennis Center-Head of High performance

S Vickery WTA Player