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Karolína Čechová - Tennis Coach and Sports Marketing

Czech Republic

My name is Karolina Cechova, Im 32 years old. My highest WTA ranking was 1022 in singles and 810 in doubles. I graduated from Charles University in Prague in 2017- domain – Sports Marketing, Management and Economy. I have vast experience with coaching and everything regarding tennis and tennis preparation.

In marketing sector I was helping one of the greatest Czech tennis clubs- I.CLTK Praha to improve effectivity, economy and satisfaction of members with the club and I also worked for Czech Hockey Association.

  1. Charles University in Prague – Masters degree in Sports Management, Marketing and Economy
  2. WTA- 1022 in singles, 810 in double
  3. Best 10 players U12, U14, U18 in Czech Republic, Czech Championship doubles winner, Czech universities Championship winner, ITF tournament winner
  4. Tennis coach – C license
  5. Sparring to Fruhvirtova sister’s
  6. Beating some great players before – Alexandrova, Martincova, Lister
  7. Players Company at Rolland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open,
  8. Languages – Czech – C2, English C1, Spanish B2, German B1, Russian- basics.
  9. Fast thinking, problem solving, goal oriented, analytical but also creative thinking- happy to connect numbers- logic and psychology- emotions

Coaching times & fees

Please feel free to reach out to Karolina in the below ways:

  • WhatsApp +420721286671
  • Email: karolinacechova151@gmail.com

Further information

  • Psychology,
  • Brain functioning,
  • Languages,
  • Vegan cooking,
  • Various physical activities and courses- Yoga, Pilates, Body Combat
  • Chess.

My goal is to work in Sports marketing, management, economy area – difficult projects, numbers – combined with Tennis coaching. I like challenges, difficult problems to solve- makes me happy.

Coaching- I see tennis- professional sport as a combination of energy, human biodynamics, psychology, physical preparation of the body and game of chess.

From Marketing perspective I see tennis and sport generally as a medium to learn healthy habits that you can use then in all spheres of your live, have someone to look up to (possibly best version of yourself) and experience emotion you are not going to forget. Karo💜


I started playing tennis when I was 7 years old. Since then I belonged to TOP ten in Czech Republic in categories U12, U14, U18. I also played on ITF circuit where I reached WTA ranking in singles and doubles and beat some players who later reached TOP 100 WTA.

When I was 19 I started studying University in Prague and at the same time I was still playing for myself, working as a Sparring Partner to great, young players at TK Sparta Praha- for example Fruhvirtova sister’s who already reached TOP 100 WTA.

After graduating I spent 1 year working in Germany. Then I came back to Czech Republic and I was helping players in one of the TOP ten Czech clubs – TK Most, where I grew up. At the same time I was studying psychology and nutrition. I also had a chance to be part of the Tennis Camp in Florida, Spain and Croatia and traveled as a company to Grand Slam tournaments and some WTA tournaments.

From October 2023 I have been working in Ingolstadt in tennis club with all different kind of players and partly also at Tennis Raschke- Munich where I still play for myself a German tennis League. I also help competitive players on a phone with nutrition, recovery and sleep and work with them on finding their weapons and direction in which to develop their game.

From Marketing and Management perspective I helped to organize several tennis tournaments, was working for National Czech Hockey Association and my biggest Project was helping one of the greatest Czech tennis clubs- I.Čltk Praha to improve effectivity in functioning and satisfaction of Club members with the club.


Amazing 10 years spent with Karolina on court. Always giving her best, focused on goal, working outside the court too. She became expert in nutrition, psychology and tactics so I wasn't only her longtime coach but later also a student🙂

Mr.R - coach


Always supportive to our team, gives all she has, brings great vibe and fighting spirit. Thanks to Karo we advanced two League higher, grateful.

Mr.R- team captain


Karolina is written with K for kilo, because she is worth her weight in gold. Her dedication for whatever she chooses to do is great and she is willing to do more than the most others. Always attentive to details. She has it all.

Ms.N- Project director


Always happy to work with Karolina, always on time, precise, reachable, dependable, strong in demanding and difficult situations, not giving up.

Mr.A - Director of tennis school


Karo has helped my Tennis game a lot, before I was kind of lost and randomly hitting a ball. She took a lot of effort to transform it into something that makes sense and I know already which direction to take. Also very helpful on personal level- helped my tennis too.

Ms.N - Competitive player


We played sparring with Karolina in the beginning of our tennis career. Helped us a lot with her advices, always nicely spent time.

Ms.F - Proffesional player