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Lech Gontar - Tennis Coach

Lesser Poland

A seasoned pro with 14 years in tennis, he has played 500 singles and 200 doubles in various tournaments. Competing in ITF Men’s since 2022, he’s also a beginner coach, informed by mentors like T.Zabrocki. His role as a hitting partner for top players like M.Fręch and V.Olianovska highlights his skill and adaptability.


Informal Coaching Experience:

While I do not currently hold a formal coaching license, I have been actively involved in providing private tennis lessons to children and adults, drawing on the extensive knowledge and techniques I’ve acquired over the years. I’ve had the privilege of learning and working with notable coaches like T.Zabrocki, which has significantly contributed to my understanding of the game and coaching methods.

I’m a professional tennis player with 14 years of experience on the court, having played around 500 singles and 200 doubles matches in various national and international tournaments. My journey took a significant turn in 2022 when I began competing in ITF Men’s professional tournaments, facing some of the most challenging opponents and sharpening my skills further.

In addition to my competitive career, I’ve taken up coaching, offering private lessons to children and adults. This role allows me to share the invaluable insights and techniques I’ve learned from accomplished coaches, notably T.Zabrocki. My approach in coaching blends practical play with strategic thinking, aiming to inspire and develop a new generation of tennis enthusiasts.

Apart from playing and coaching, I also serve as a hitting partner for top-tier players such as M.Fręch, V.Olianovska, S.Zhiyenbayeva, J.Sadzik, J.Zawadzka, and V. Dema. Working with these exceptional athletes has not only honed my adaptability on the court but also enriched my understanding of diverse playing styles.

Off the court, I enjoy playing games on the Nintendo Switch, watching Gimbli movies, and playing football. These hobbies, whether related to sports, arts, or travel, reflect my enthusiasm for life beyond tennis and my belief in a well-rounded lifestyle.

In essence, my life in tennis is a blend of fierce competition, passionate coaching, and continuous personal growth. It’s not just about the games I play but also about the lives I touch and the experiences I gain along this incredible journey.


Working alongside esteemed coaches and serving as a hitting partner for top-tier players like M.Fręch, V.Olianovska, and S.Zhiyenbayeva, has significantly broadened my perspective of the game. These experiences have allowed me to understand various playing styles and strategies, enhancing my adaptability and analytical skills.