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Li'Am Cohen - ITF Junior Tennis Player


Li’Am Cohen

Hi, I am Li’Am Cohen and I am a 15 year old competitive tennis player born in New York and living in Jerusalem. It is my dream to become a successful professional tennis player. It is my great ambition, and I am determined to achieve it. When I was 8 years old my father took me to Roland Garros for a tour, and while sitting on the players bench on Phillipe Chatrier main court I turned to my father in the stands and said “One day I am going to play here.” That was when I started my tennis journey. And now it is time to take the next step and start climbing the ITF Juniors ladder. To accomplish this I want to move to a respected European tennis academy where the training is at a higher level and more intensive.

Education & Rankings

I am a high school student starting 10th grade at the Keshet school in Jerusalem. We have made preparations for an online school for when I move to an academy.

I am currently ranked 43rd in U16 in Israel. My high ranking is 6th  in U14 but the adaptation to changing coaches with a new style just when Covid was interfering with training put a dent in my ranking while developing the new techniques.

Playing experience
  • I am a seasoned competitive player in Israel taking part in regional and national tournaments and locally hosted TE tournaments.
  • My top results are winning a regional tournament, reaching the finals of a national tournament and quarter finals of a TE tournament.
  • I have achieved Top 4 finishes in 6 of the last 7 regional tournaments I have participated in.
  • I helped my league team reach the finals of the regional championships and earn promotion to the National League by going undefeated the whole season.
  • I was a member of the Israel National Team for the age 2007 (until the program collapsed during Covid).
  • I was selected for Team Israel to the 21st Maccabiah Games held in July 2022 (Pulled out of the team due to prior commitments)
  • I have also taken part in provincial tournaments in Quebec (Canada) where I have won two singles tournaments and my overall record is 8-1.
  • I took part in one ITF Juniors tournament this year in Nairobi, Kenya and won one round of doubles.
  • Recipient of a Wilson Foundation Scholarship for 2019.

About you

Date of birth: June 8, 2007
Hand Used: Right handed
Height: 176cm
Racket: Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 100 V.13
Clothing: Mixed
Shoes: Asics Court FF 2
Any Sponsors No (but would be happy to find some)
Favourite Player: I have many favourite players, but Raphael Nadal was the first.
Career Aspirations: To win the Roland Garros and be #1. But lets start with the ITF Juniors first and move on one (or two) step at a time.
Favourite Tournament: The Laver Cup. I so enjoy watching the world’s top players competing against each other as teams. Their enthusiasm and energy is a pleasure to watch, and I will never forget Nadal coaching Federer on the bench between games. An historic image!
Best Surface: Clay
Best Win: That is still in the future!
Goals for the coming year: To improve my technique and build up my fitness to European levels. To become competitive on the ITF Juniors circuit and begin to rise in the international rankings.
Favourite Quote: Tennis is worth fighting for!!!

Current and Previous Coach, Club & Academies

Current Coach: Ariel Shimanov – Ramla Tennis Center 2020-Present

Past Coaches:

  • Yonatan Kruveni – Top Tennis Club at Mt. Scopus Jerusalem 2017-2020
  • Rafi Tzidkiyahu – Israel Tennis Centers, Jerusalem 2015-2017

Summer training camps:

  • Academy Menard & Associates/Tennis 13, Coaches Robby Menard and Alain Mansuela,  Montreal, Canada Summers of 2018/19/21
  • Cameron Moore Tennis, Coaches Cameron Moore, Butch Young – Cary, North Carolina, Summer of 2021
  • University of North Carolina Summer Training Camp, Multiple coaches, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Summer of 2021
  • Alexander Waske-Tennis University, Two week evaluation period, Multiple coaches, Offenbach Germany, Summer of 2022


Overall, you have great ball control and court coverage! You have a very well-rounded game with great defensive skills, but even more so, strong offensive weapons from both the baseline and the net. You are focused on every point when you step up to the line and it is clear how strong your desire is to win each point! These are unteachable qualities that will take you very far. Your energy is a blast to be on court with and your work ethic and focus is quite impressive! Best of luck in your future, excited to see all you can accomplish!

Player Evaluation, Carolina Tennis School at UNC


Li’Am showed a lot of will, desire and above all dedication to playing the tennis he loves. He played with all his heart and above all at a very fast pace from the first day of each week to its last and from the first hour of the day to its last. All this in my opinion means that Li'Am intensely loves playing tennis and as we know in sport when you love you give the best of yourself. With a good program and regular (daily) work Li’Am has every chance of being a great player.

Hasan Moundir, High Performance Coach, CDL Sports Club, Montreal


I have told you over and over during the past two years how inspiring you are – your ability to aspire to be the best you can be in every facet of life, your restraint, patience and modesty. You are a source of pride to your parents, and that isn’t only because of your tennis – but mainly because of who you are and what you bring to the game and to life. You are a winner and we gained by being around you and learning from you.

Tal Hagai, Li’Am’s 7th and 8th grade Home Room teacher.