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Lucile Bosche - MTM Tennis Coach


Lucile Bosche´ – PLAY LIKE THE PROS!

Lucile specializes in helping players discover their natural athletic ability & realize their personal best. With MTM she makes tennis easy & fun for players of all age & ability levels. photo: Art Seitz

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USTA – Member, Adult League Coach

  • PTR – Member, Tennis Instructor
  • USPTA – Member, Tennis Instructor
  • MTMCA/MTM-U – General Manager, Level IV Professional Clinician/Tester
  • WTCA – Member, Women’s Tennis Coaches Association
  • GPTCA – Member, Level B Coach




From young beginners, parents, juniors, adults & seniors to top players and coaches, I can help you discover how to realize your goals in tennis with the amazing method known as MTM. Tennis IS easy to learn and to teach – let me show you how!


As a Certified Modern Tennis Methodology Coach specializing in teaching beginning/intermediate adults and children (NTRP 2.0-4.0) as well as individual and team strategy and advanced/high-performance technique on request, Lucile offers private, semi-private and group lessons in Southern California.  She has been extensively trained by world-renowned coach Oscar Wegner, and has assisted him in many private lessons, conferences, seminars and clinics throughout the United States. She also serves in a volunteer capacity as General Manager of MTMCA. As a Level IV Pro/Tester Lucile enjoys administering the coaching certification program for MTMCA and coaching coaches wishing to become more familiar with the Wegner method.

Lucile has been Assistant Tennis Coach at Ventura High School and Tennis Instructor to pre-kindergarten through middle school students at the prestigious Ojai Valley School, tennis program director for 6th, 7th and 8th grade boys and girls at the CAPE Charter School in Camarillo. Through RISING STARS TENNIS ACADEMY Lucile currently offers tennis classes for children, adults and seniors at the Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District in Camarillo, the Conejo Recreation & Park District in Thousand Oaks, and privately on request.

Lucile is a PTR Tennis Instructor, USPTA Tennis Instructor, GPTCA Level B Coach, and member of the USTA and the WTCA. In addition to teaching she has coached adult women’s SCTA League teams, assists at USPTA & USTA events, and participates in various tennis activities throughout Southern California.


Lucy’s ability to teach tennis is outstanding. She clearly and patiently communicates what is required for strengthening tennis skills in easy to understand terms. Lucy has the exceptional ability to identify problems with tennis fundamentals and artfully “coaches” how to overcome incorrect form and ineffective technique. What makes her stand out from the other coaches I have worked with is a rare combination of her ability to create a fun learning experience that involves constant encouragement while learning effective tennis skills. She is very successful in group as well as individual training sessions. She constantly reinforces the understanding of correct tennis basics to ensure each of her students clearly understand what is required to improve a student’s ability. It’s just fun working and learning from her.

Bill S.


Lucy is a great coach. I am an avid tennis player. She is very helpful. With all aspects of the game. She makes it simple and fun. I would recommend her coaching to anyone who is new or just wants to improve a bit. She is also very passionate about the game of tennis. When I hit with her I call it a ”Lucy tune up” !

Mark S.


Lucy consistently demonstrates a superior understanding of her students and knows how to reach each of us at our varied levels. Coach Lucy has patience, dedication and a real passion for the game, depth of experience and she holds her students accountable. She is a delight to work with and as a result we all do our best to make her proud of us. The students in my group look forward to our sessions with her and for me; those are the most fun 4 hours of my week. In my opinion, it is a privilege to have her as a coach.

Johanna C.