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Lukas Pavur - Tennis Coach


Hi, my name is Lukas. I am 25 years old and I work as a tennis coach for 4 years already. I have played tennis since my childhood, I started when I was six years old. My coach career began in a club in my hometown. After that I gained a lot of experience in countries such as Austria, Germany, Spain. Now I am looking for a new challenge.


My qualifications:

  • PTR – Professional Tennis Registry (Performance Certification Workshop for 11-18 years old players, gained in 2022)
  • ITF Academy courses (2020-present)
  • Coach Licence Level C (Slovak Tennis Association, gained in 2019)
  • PTR – Professional Tennis Registry (10 and under Certification, gained in 2019)
  • PTR – Professional Tennis Registry (Strengthening and Positioning, gained in 2019)

As a player I practiced in clubs in Slovakia.

For example:

  • Tenis komplex Kosice
  • VSE TK Akademik Kosice
  • TC Slavia UPJS Kosice
  • TK Love4Tennis Academy Bratislava

Except from tennis, I like listening to music and concerts. I like to travel and to meet new people, to see new places.



My experience:

  • TK Mladost Kosice (Slovakia) 2020-2023, here I worked mostly with kids 8-11 years old, but also groups of 15-18 years old
  • Go-tennisurlaub (Austria, Germany)2022. Here I gained a lot of experience, because I worked in more clubs  and I worked with kids and adults too.
  • Aldiana Club Fuerteventura (Canarian Islands) 2021, here I worked mostly with adults beginners and hobby players, also with kids


I trained with a coach Lukas for 2 years. During those two years I had the opportunity to find out that he is a really great coach and he taught me a lot or even untaught me a lot. In addition, there was always a good vibe at practice which motivated me the most to come. We also often played some games which I personally liked the most because I am a very competitive person. He always tried to accommodate our requests and problems with some particular stroke.

Ms. D


My daughter Lilly has been playing tennis in London for many years. Unfortunately none of her coaches are as good as Lukas. We send Lilly to Slovakia over the school holidays where she has intensive training with Lukas. Lukas is a super coach who cares about his client achieving the best results. Very friendly and responsible. Too bad we don't have him in London. Lilly's comment: Lukas is great. When I hit the ball wrong, instead of getting angry, he tells me exactly how to hit it right and explains in detail. He is still very friendly and very supportive. Lukas is the best coach I've ever had, I believe if he was my coach in London I'd be in a completely different place.

Ms. M


I was very happy with Lukas during my stay in Spain. We trained twice a day for three weeks. We played a lot of rallys, practiced the technique of single strokes and I have to say that he was one of my best coaches.

Mr. Ch