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Mohan Kasinathan - Tennis Coach

Tamil Nadu

Mohan Kasinathan – Tennis Coach
A skilled ITF level 1 tennis Coach with over 14 years of experience working with students of all ages and abilities. Specific knowledge of student-led approaches with an emphasis on helping students grow their exterior skill sets and inner desire.


ITF level 1 / AITA level 4 intermediate Coaching Course.

  1. PG Diploma in Sports Coaching Tennis.
  2. M.Phil – Physical Education

Coaching times & fees


Since my childhood, I have been highly passionate about sports in general, especially towards tennis. This is the reason why I became a coach so that I can be involved with the sport for the rest of my life, and along the way to help many children and adults experience the true pleasure of playing this wonderful sport.

I am very good at connecting with the players, adult or children and establish a great rapport with them. I am quite good at diagnosing the fundamental problem areas and help them with the least intrusive way to ensure that the process of development is made easy for each individual.

I also work with starter players and help them progress through the Red, Orange and Green stages with develop solid fundamentals.

I am very good at motivating the junior players who are into competition and help them go through the every day grind with enthusiasm and focus on the particular aspects of the individuals daily plan.
I can also run a fun filled, highly intense, tennis specific fitness sessions, for players of all ages.


  • From 2011 to 2014– Assistant coach at CTC
  • From 2014 till date – Head coach of    the adult and beginner program at CTC
  • From 2012 – Organizing Secretary for 3 to 4 tournaments every year, conducted by All India Tennis Association (AITA) held at CTC.
  • From 2013- Administrator/Manager for CTC.
  • From 2016- Coordinator for two Coach’s courses every year of the AITA Coaches Education Program, mentored by Chief Coach of CTC, Mr.Suresh Kumar Sonachalam.
  • From June 2022 – Assistant fitness trainer for sub junior team.
  • From January 2023- Head coach of the Vivekanandha college center of CTC.


Mr.Mohan has been an asset to the Chennai tennis centre, ever since he joined our program in 2013. It is going to be extremely hard for us to replace him since he had taken up so many responsibilities. He is a man of very high integrity and it is easy to trust him in totality. He is also a person with very good people skills and can connect with players very easily and make them feel super comfortable in his company. He is a great asset to us as a coach and quite versatile with his ability to work with adults or children and starter players or even professionals playing at the ITF and Challenger levels. He is also very good at attracting and retaining new players. Overall he will be a great asset to any organisation and it is a no brainer to just blindly hire him if you are looking for a good level tennis coach for your organisation.

Suresh Kumar sonachalam Director CTC, Director of All India Coaches education program, ITF International Tutor