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Nils Klermund - Tennis Coach and Sparring Partner

Upper Austria

Hi there,

my name is Nils Klermund and I am 25 years old. I am a professional tennis coach and a sparring partner. I have been playing tennis since I was very young and have dedicated my life to this this game. Tennis has given me a life with a lot of opportunities and amazing moments.


I graduated from school with my A levels and have since then done my level 1 and level 2 coaching and am currently in the process of doing my level 3 coaching. I also did my safeguarding course so I am able to work with kids.

Coaching times & fees

My coaching times are whenever the club/ academy needs me I live what I do give everything I have to that specific organisation I work for. At my last job so I was making 35€ for privates and 36€ per group.

Further information
  • I am member of the Austrian tennis federation due to being registered as a player.
  • I am a member of the LTA due to having coached and played there
  • I am now a member of the German tennis federation having played there shortly and and coached there.

I have been playing tennis for a long time and started in England in a small club in surrey where I learned the fundamentals of tennis. At the age of 8 my family moved to Austria and there I met my coach I would have until I was 16. His name was Norbert richter and he was the ex junior davis cup captain for Austria and was also the coach of ex 20 ITF player Lucas Miedler who is now top 40 ATP in doubles.

I also at the ages of 15 got a second coach Marius Balea whose pupil was a top 3 player ranked in Romania and who I ended up travelling around Austria with to play tournaments. Until the age of 17 I trained 5-6 times a week and played regional national and international tournaments. I was ranked 14 in Austria and won some of the biggest tournaments in the country.

At the age of 17 I moved to the UK to be part of the best tennis academy in the UK. There I was trained by Andrew Richardson who was the head coach of US Open winning Emma Raducanu. I trained 3-4 hours a day and was part of a very strong group of players who were at the time top 10 in the UK for boys and girls. We had some of the best juniors in the country and we became national champions which meant we weee the best team in the country. At the same time I played for a very strong club called Felixstowe Lawn tennis club where we became 3 regional champions.

At the age of 19 I went to Stirling university which was elected the number sports university in the country and the best tennis program in the country university level. I trained there 3-4 times a week while playing matches every week.

Unfortunately covid happened but this also meant I would stop university and pursue a coach/ hitting partner path. Singe then I have been travelling the world working at some amazing facilities with incredible peoples and athletes training and hitting with ATP and WTA players.

  • Andrew Richardson: ex 133 ATP, ex coach of Emma Raducanu US open winner
  • Richard Bloomfield: ex ATP 176
  • Harrry Wendelken: career high 460 and now 576 ATP
  • Roko Karanusic: ex 88 ATP and Davis cup winner
  • Gregor Krusic: ex 560 ATP and now  CEO of the Slovénian tennis federation.
  • Joe Tyler: 1339 ATP singles and 809 doubles.
  • Pablo Carretero: ATP 1320 ATP
  • Robert Steiner: future levels player
  • Gordon Reid: ex number 1 doubles and singles wheelchair player 23 grand slams in doubles and 2 grad slams in singles. ( it was an absolute honor to hit with him.
  • Rafa Jodar: too junior in Spain( Madrid)
  • Leander Tauber( top Austrian talent( currently in group 1 at Moratoglou academy.
  • Kira Reuter: too junior in the UK national champion and now playing for UC SANTA Barbara number DIV 1 NCAA.
  • Marius Balea Viman: ex ATP player

I am somebody who has travelled a lot and who enjoys travelling a lot. I grew up speaking 3 languages German, French and English and I am currently trying to learn Spanish as it is a language that is being used more and more. Apart from tennis I truly enjoy sport in general and grew with a lot of different sports like football swimming judo skiing and some other as well.

This has enabled me to gain differenten skills that have helped me through life so far. I am very competitive and ambitious and for me this is just the beginning. My family and my friends are very important to me and are there for important moments in my life. For me it is important to to be surrounded by good people.


My experience as a tennis player and coach so far has been very interesting due to the fact that all of the organisations function very differently and have very different ways of promoting tennis and teaching it. For me it has taught me that there is more than one way of playing and teaching tennis.


To whom it may concern Dear Sirs Nils Klermund I write with reference to Nil’s application for a position as a tennis coach at ……. I have know Nils since 2016, 1st coaching him as a player when he came to the school as a pupil and now as a member of the coaching team. I have therefore had the opportunity to spend time with Nils and observe his interaction with children and other adults here at Culford. He was very passionate about the game of tennis back then as a pupil, and he still has the same appetite for the game now. He inspires the children with his love of the game and has a keen desire for the pupil to be the best they can be. Nils is always keen to develop himself as a coach and would often be watching intently the senior members of the coaching staff deliver sessions to make himself better. Nils is a committed, energetic and enthusiastic tennis coach, with good attention to detail and with an ability to explain technical issues in a manner that is easy to understand, whoever the audience. It has been great seeing Nils grow as a person over these years and he is a friendly and very approachable person who makes friends easily and will fit in well within a team. Nils is a great member of the team, helping others out when it is needed and is a very hard worker. He is a well-respected tennis player who is able to coach juniors and adults competing at a high level. Please feel free to contact me on 07956 365301 or cjohnson@culford.co.uk should you wish to discuss this reference. Yours faithfully Chris Johnson

Culford school recreational/ middle low level performance coach/ sparring partner for ITF players


Nils has worked with my 2 children Ollie and Meg who love tennis and Nils helped them with his enthusiasm and skill to help nurture their love for the game. He would always be keen to give his time and his excellent tennis knowledge as a player and coach. Nils will always be considered a part of their tennis journey. He is always kind and friendly and enquiring how my children are getting on. A good coach and a good guy.

Tennis coach for Megan and Ollie knight top 7 in the country under 12 and under 14


Nils has worked with my son Jomi Aminu who is currently ranked in the UK Top 14&U Boys & 2023 National Clay Court Champion. He supported Jomi at training and tournaments. Nils was instrumental in helping him develop his fitness over the time and game accuracy. I believe Nils would be a great addition to your coaching team. Kind regards Mo

Tennis coach for Jomi one of the top Juniors in the UK


To whomever this may concern. My name is Gregor Krušič and I’m a CEO of Tennis Slovenia as well as WTA 250 Zavarovalnica Sava Portorose. I use to be a pro player ranked under 600 ATP. In the following, I prepared a letter of recommendation for Nils Klermund. I have seen Nils coach and perform his sessions with peoples of all ages and abilities and there has only been positive feedback. Nils takes his sessions very seriously and does a great job of doing each assembly to the best of his ability. Nils has worked with some good juniors and has the potential to strive in the performance world of tennis. Groups for adults and kids are also quite common and Nils takes them with great enthusiasm and determination. Nils is a coach who already has a lot to give is also someone who is eager to learn and ready to adapt. As a player I have hit with Nils and Nils plays at a very high level and is an accomplished tennis player and athlete with a very high intensity. Nils was my sparring partner and took it upon himself to do the best job possible to make sure I had a great hit. Nils has a lot of ability and is always ready to fight for every point and every rally. Last but not least Nils is clearly somebody who loves this sport shows it when he is in court. Sincerely Yours, Gregor Krušič, CEO Tenis Slovenia

Umag tennis academy/ performance coach working with some top juniors in the Europe