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Noah Holmes - Tennis Coach

New Zealand

My name is Noah Holmes, I\’m a 23-year-old HEAD Sponsored tennis coach from Christchurch. I have been coaching for more than seven years, and currently serve as the Hot Shots Head Coach at TKHP Tennis Club. more than 7 years and I am the hot shots head coach at TKHP tennis club.

  • Junior Assistant Coaching Qualification.
  • Junior Development Coach – Physical Education and Coaching (ITF Level 1)

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TeKura Hagley Park Tennis Club – Hot Shots Head Coach & Club Captain

My name is Noah Holmes and I have been coaching tennis for the past 7+ years. I am 23 years old and have a passion for the sport. I am constantly looking to expand my knowledge and expertise in tennis. I have completed my assistant coaching course and my JDC Level 1. I plan to also complete my Club Pro Coaching course shortly. I’ve also been a HEAD sponsored coach for 4 seasons and counting.
I grew up in Wanaka, New Zealand and in 2015 I started coaching every day after school. In 2019, I began coaching full-time and moved to a new club in Christchurch. I have worked my way up to Hotshots Head Coach & Club Caption. I have taken players from grassroots to the top in New Zealand. We have competed at nationals and travelled around competing in tournaments. In 2022, I started running my tournaments and was recruited as the Tennis Canterbury tournament director for 9 months while they looked for a permanent replacement. Through this experience, I gained a deep understanding of how tournaments work and have now run over 50 tournaments and attended even more.


I started playing tennis when I was young making my way up the ranks in New Zealand competing at the national level. I have won multiple Jnr tournaments in both doubles and singles. I am now competing in the Christchurch premier Grade and a few tournaments.

In 2021 I was one for the first people in New Zealand to create an Orange and Red ball league and Heled the most Hotshots Tournaments.

TKHP Hotshots Head Coach 2019-Current

Tennis Canterbury Tournament Director 04/2022-02/2023

Aspiring Tennis Academy 05/2016-10/2019

I can re-string tennis racquets, I have strung over 500 tennis racquets.



Hugo Strang Head Coach Te Kura-Hagley Park Tennis Club & Impact Tennis 32 Evesham Crescent Christchurch +64 (0) 22 646 0617 coach@tkhptennis.nz Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing this reference letter for Noah Holmes, whom I have had the pleasure of having in my coaching team at Te Kura-Hagley Park Tennis Club for almost five years. Noah is a skilful, confident, and ambitious tennis coach who has enhanced our level of coaching at the club and the schools we work with. Noah has had a great attitude toward tennis coaching since he joined my team in 2019. He already had a good base of technical knowledge, very good communication skills and great interpersonal skills. More importantly, though, he was eager to develop his coaching and take on new challenges. From early on, I was able to give Noah a wide range of responsibilities. He independently coached groups of all ages from beginners through to advanced players. Before long he was able to lead a team of junior coaches and took on the Assistant Head Coach. He has been the Hot Shots Head Coach for the last two years, where he manages a team of coaches to deliver the Red, Orange and Green ball programmes. He is also the Senior Mens' Club Captain, which means he manages our competitive men's teams and club champs. Noah has excelled in the development and performance coaching area as well. Our coaching programme has a large number of strong junior players, competing regionally and nationally. Noah coaches our most advanced squads with me and has an excellent ability to challenge players and help them improve in all areas; technically, tactically, mentally and physically. He has taken some of the players he works with privately from beginner level through to a high national level. Two of his current junior clients are in the top ten nationally and he has played a role in developing many more outstanding players. Noah is always looking for ways we can enhance our squads and programme as a whole, so it pushes me to be a better coach myself. Noah is an outstanding coach who would contribute to any coaching programme but would thrive in a challenging environment that demands the best of its coaches. It will be a great loss to TKHP and my coaching business when he moves on. Yours sincerely, Hugo Strang

Hugo Nurse-Strang/ Head Coach TKHP Tennis Club