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Oksana Zhuchenko - Tennis Coach


Oksana Zhuchenko

I love my job. Enthusiastic, motivated, open to every opportunities. This is the most fantastic thing to see how my sportsmen is growing and achieve the results we’ve been working for together.

  • 2007 Donetsk- PTR seminar
  • 2009 Donetsk- ITF level 1
  • 2010 Donetsk- ITF level 2
  • 2010 Kiev- “Play and Stay”
  • 2011 Kiev- ITF level 3
  • 2013-XX Coach Conference in Poland, Katovice.
  • 2013-2014- Coach seminar in program of ICU

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Oksana direct via email or Whatsapp.
  • She can be contacted via Whatsapp on +380507625051
  • Or you can contact her using email on ksuxa_xa87@icloud.com



Further information


Achievements as a player:

  • 2003 – Abu- Dhabi ITF junior championships 1-st place in double and semi- final in single.
  • 2003 – final in Tunisia ITF junior championships in double
  • 2004 – Abu- Dhabi ITF junior championships final in double and semi- final in single.
  • 2004 – Budapest ITF tournament final in singe.
  • Champion and finalist  of Ukrainian championships in double and single.
  • 2009/2010 – Champions of Ukraine in “Universiada” (the championship between all the University team in Ukraine).
  • 2006 – got a “master of sport” in tennis.

Achievements as a Coach:

2012 – My young sportsmen participating,become a finalist and won club team tournament in orange and green ball.

2012 – wan the club tournament under 10,12 in physical- training.

2012 – finalist and 1-st place in national tournaments under 10.

2013 – national tournament finalist under 10.

2013 – finalist in open club tournament under 10.

2015 – my young players won and become the finalists in many Ukrainian Championship under 10.

2017-2021- working with Serafima Bobrovnikova,  while she was playing u12, u14.

During this period she won and become finalist in many Ukrainian Championship’s;

  • 26.08.2018- winner of Ten Pro u12,13.
  • 20.09.2019- winner in double of VicCourr Cup TE u16.
  • 10.06.2020- runner up in double in Ukrainian Championship u 16.
  • 27.07.2020- runner up in double in Ukrainian Championship u 14.
  • 4.09.2020 winner in single and double in Ukrainian Championship u14.
  • 18.09.2020- winner in Double, VicCourt Cup, u16.

2015-2018-working with Alessandra Siharulidze, u10,11..

  • Become a winner of 3 TenPro tournaments, become a runner up in another 2 TenPro tournament in 2018.
  • In the end of this year(2018), as a player with the best results Wilson gave her a contract.


2007 – 2008: Working as a coach and sparring partner in club “SportClass”.

2008 – 2014: Tennis coach in Donetsk city public organization “Tennis club VicCourt”.

2014 – 2019: Tennis coach in Kyiv club Champion.

2019 – 2022: Tennis coach in Kyiv club ” TennisPark.

My main responsibilities

  • Kids coach orange and green balls;
  • National players under 12 and 14;
  • Hitting partner with amateurs an pro;
  • Plan develop and implement training and practice sessions;
  • Plan and co-ordinate competitive schedules and programs;
  • Co ordinate with other team coaches.

Also has experience in organisation tournaments:

2012 – helping in organization the ITF tournament in Ukraine, Donetsk   50.000$ “VicCourt Cup”, head of ball-boys, translator.

2013 –  helping in organization the ITF tournament in Ukraine, Donetsk 75.000$ “VicCourt Cup”, head of ball-boys, translator.

2021- head of ball boys in KievOpen Chelleger


I have known Oksana for the past 3 years. Me and my daughter played with several different coaches before, and I have to say Oksana stands out in many ways, and finally was the one we were looking for. First, I have to stress on her commitment and dedication to what she is doing. It felt like she was never tired or sick or even in a bad mood because every session was very productive. Every time you learned something new or improved your skills.

Tatiana Medvedenko


Oksana not only explained game techniques and strategies but also paid a lot of attention to the psychological aspects that a good player should know. On top of all that Oksana is very patient,positive, communicative and open-minded, she gets on well with kids, parents and her colleagues. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is just at the beginning of their tennis career or those looking to improve their skills and knowledge.

Maria Bobrovskaya


I came to Oksana when I was 10. And were working together for 4 amazing years. I improved my game, she made me feel so confident on court. It always a lot of fun, even when we were working really hard. She push me to work harder, actually she focused not on the result, but on doing my job the best I can. It was a great time!

Serafima Bobrovnikova