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Peter Lonn - Tennis Coach


Peter Lonn

I have great experience as a tennis coach and have trained all kinds of players. Today I work in Norway as a club trainer for of all kinds of players and also as a private coach to one of Sweden’s most promising young players.  Tennis is my passion and I live for the game. And after many years in the industry I can deliver very high quality in tennis training – all levels.

  • 1995 Silver ball mens 25 singles USTA
  • 2007 Semi final singles mens 35 Sweden
  • Five wins Norwegian Champion in doubles with Jörgen Nilsson 2008 2013 indoor and outdoor 2015 indoor 2017 outdoor
  • 2009 Bronze Ball USTA 35 Mixed with Shelly Solomon
  • 2015 USTA men’s 45 Singles Quarter final
  • Played Doubles against RickLeach in first round took a set best memory

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Peter direct via Email or WhatsApp…
  • Email address:  peterlonn021@gmail.com
  • WhatsApp:  +4748263469


Peter training with the Number 2 in Sweden, Mick Knejp at Under 12 Level.


I am currently looking for a challenge outside of Norway and can take on assignments anywhere in the world at short notice. Internationally I have experience with various clubs in Norway and I also have over 10 years experience as a tennis coach in Florida.

In addition to tennis I like to play Golf (hcp 7), and I am an open minded person who likes to meet new people Am currently also playing League Tennis in Hanau in Germany just outside Frankfurt.


2020 – Current: Tennis Trainer / Head Coach

  • Horten and Holmestrand, Norway

2018 – Tennis trainer and Personal trainer

  • Sweden’s top-ranked player born -2010, Mick Kneijp.

2018- Tennis trainer – Tullinge Tennisklubb, Sweden

  • Competitive players, “play and stay” and adult clinics.

2016-2017 – Tennis trainer – Sigtuna Tennis club, Stockholm, Sweden 

  • Competitive players, “play and stay” and adult clinics.

2013-2016 – Tennis trainer – Nesøya and others Tennis clubs, Norway

  • Worked together with Christer Francke at Nesøya, Ullern and Holmen and at Svelvik with Lars Andersson.
  • Trained all types of players.

2011-2013 Head coach – Köping Tennis club, Sweden 

  • Built up a successful competition team for youth. In addition, I was in charge for adult courses and responsible for a tennis school.

2009 – 2011 – Tennis trainer – Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

  • Private lesions all levels together with Shelly Solomon.

2008-2009 Head coach – Tønsberg Tennis club, Norway

  • Trained two division teams for men and one for women. Managed to attract the best players in the region.

2007-2008 Tennis trainer – Asker Tennis club, Norway

  • All categories of players.
  • Worked together with Lars Andersson and Jörgen Nilsson.

2004-2007 Tennis trainer – Stabekk Tennis club, Norway

  • All categories of players incl. elite players.
  • Worked together with Jesper Bollius and Pavel Strauss.

1997-2004 Store manager – Västerås, Sweden

  • In charge for a tennis racket shop.

1991-2004 (winter seasons) Tennis trainer – Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA 

  • Worked at Tennis club of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, together with Rudy Hernando during these years. Rudy contributed a lot to my tennis. I also worked with Shelly Solomon, sister to Harold Solomon – top 10 in the world, during these years.

1991-2004 Main responsible for a tennis facility Fridnäs Tennis facility


I’m writing to you in regards of my son Mick Knejp who plays tennis and has had Peter Lönn as his head tennis coach/trainer since the beginning of 2019. I can highly recommend Peter Lönn to any tennis club who is looking for a result oriented trainer/coach! Mick is 9 years old and since Peter started working with him, Peter has improved Mick’s tennis game in general terms significantly. Among other things, Peter has improved Mick’s technical skills. After having discussed Micks technique with me, Peter changed Mick’s forehand and backhand so that Mick now plays with a lot of pronation (think Casper Ruud). With this technique, Mick gets his opponents (even 12-14 years old opponents) under a lot of pressure when playing from the baseline (like Rafael Nadal). Furthermore, Peter has developed Mick’s strategical and tactical part of the game a lot. Among other things, Peter has developed Mick’s tactics to use his strengths (both natural and learned). For example, Mick now use as many inside-out forehands (natural stronger forehand) as possible and he also hit the balls more on the rise (learned by Peter) to put even more pressure on the opponents. Even though Mick is still very small and obviously still has a lot to learn, Peter has got Mick to play smarter, more strategically correct tennis mixed with cunning (and fairly advanced) tactical plays that his opponents have difficulties reading. Thanks to Peter that has improved Mick’s technical skills and developed Mick’s strategical and tactical part of the game, Mick has started winning against players (12-14 years old) that he previously never beaten before.

Jakob Knejp - Father of Mick Knejp


Peter started as my tennis coach when I was about eight years old. He kept training me for several years, until I was fourteen. Peter is a coach who have strong believes in his players and who helps his players develop both technically, mentally and physically. Already when I was just a kid playing tennis with my friends after school, he saw that I had some talent. Throughout the years we kept working hard, and he helped forming me as the tennis player I am today. Peter is a coach who like to challenge his players, already from young age. He sees what players are capable of, and he helps them develop and improve every day. The years I had with Peter as my tennis coach were crucial for my tennis career. He is the one who really introduced me to the possibilities I had, and who thought me all the most essential parts of developing as a tennis player, despite my young age at that time. I went from being a kid who ran around on the court with a tennis racket, not knowing what I was doing, to moving from Norway to the USA to play college tennis and receiving the award female athlete of the year at my university. This is all thanks to Peter

Vilde Olvin, please contact vilde-k@vikenfiber.no for more information