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Ruslan Aminov - Tennis Coach


My name is Ruslan Aminov. I’m professional tennis ITF certificated coach. I have a wide experience working from 10s system to all ages of junior and private contract. I have two university degrees.

  1. Education:

  • International law specialist at Bashkir State University (2008-2014);
  • Master’s degree at Moscow State Pedagogical University (2014-2017);
  • Research degree at Moscow State Pedagogical University (2015-2017);
  • Postgraduate professional diploma as a tennis coach (2019).

Other education:

  • Tennis 10s (ITF);
  • ITF level 1;
  • ITF level 2.

Coaching times & fees
  1. 7-10 hours per day;
  2. At least 30$ per hour.

Further information


My top position under 16 years was only 13th in national ranking. I’m the winner of different tournaments in different categories in Russia. I’m also the champion of Bashkortostan Republic among men.

I have a successful experience of working with players on different levels: from Russian National tour Champions to an ITF (Georgia Kalamaris – January 2023 to May 2023) And WTA (Veronika Miroshnichenko WTA #202 – during her European tour 2024) Players.

As a coach I started in local club with youngest beginners players. In a few years I’ve become the head coach because all of my young students got good positions: N6, N15, N16, N27 in national ranking.

Then I continued to develop 10s system in my city. And then I got an offer to join a new more prestige academy – J-pro, which also works with national junior teams.

On September 2022 due to a certain situation in my country, me and my family decided to move. I got a contract with a 14 y.o. Player in Egypt (Sharm-el-Sheikh). This player head 138th position in natural ranking. In a 3 months he became top 20. Also, in Sharm-el-Sheikh I worked with another player – Georgia Calamaris 17 y.o. has joined me and my player team. She was working with us for 3 months. After this she took a part in ITF W25 in Kachretia and she won all three qualify matches and got her first WTA points.

On June 2023 I got a good offer from J-pro Academy in Antalya, Turkey. Here I have the position of an assistant of a head coach. In this Academy we make camps for junior national Russians teams.

I have an experience of building a full 10s system in my home city including tournaments system and rankings. I know the biomechanics, tactics in tennis very good. Also, I understand how to make uprogressions.

I’m ready to speak online on any topic in tennis and answer all the questions and all the solutions for different types of common problems or I can tell how I see the developing of player in different ages.

I’m looking for positions of a head coach or I would like to have an opportunity to grow inside club.
I can work with all types of players and groups of different levels.

I am ready to provide a video of my game and training process!



• September 2013 – 2021; –Full time tennis coach at Tennis club #1 in Ufa, Russia;

• September 2021 – September 2022; – Full time tennis coach at Academy of tennis “J-pro”;

•September 2022 – June 2023; –Personal contract with junior player at Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt;

•June 2023 – present; – Assistance head coach at J-Pro Academy Antalya;


Ruslan is young, talented, and conscientious coach. During the course he was very motivated and executive. He has really good knowledge of tactics and biomechanics of tennis.

ITF characteristic


Ruslan is a very educated coach, has a great authority among colleagues, parents and players in Ufa region.

Shamil Tarpischev (President of Russian Tennis Federation)