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Sergio Guillem Diosdado - Tennis Coach


Sergio Guillem Diosdado
I have been combining studies and tennis all my life. I have reached outstanding heights in the academic world and achieved an acceptable career as an international tennis player and coach. In recent years I ventured into the business world, always from an educational perspective, and had successes that I would never have imagined: “Momonsters”, “Kick-off” by Real Madrid. However, I feel that I am going to recover my happiness by returning to the world of sport, specifically tennis, which is where I can really contribute because it is what I know the most about.

  • PHD IN SPORTS SCIENCE – Universidad Católica de Valencia
  • MSC IN SPORTS HIGH PERFORMANCE – Comité Olímpico Español
  • MSC IN SPORTS MANAGEMENT – Virginia Commonwealth University
  • NATIONAL TENNIS COACH – Real Federación Española de Tenis
  • TENNIS REFEREE – Real Federación Española de Tenis

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Sergio direct via email or WhatsApp.
  • He can be contacted via WhatsApp on +34 609103209
  • Or you can contact him using email on sguillem@sport-ti.com

Tennis Playing Career:

  • Regional Champion U12, U14, U16, Junior.
  • 2 times National Champion (Doubles) U16
  • Best national ranking 64 (Spain)
  • Player scholarship in VCU: Metro Conference Champs and best record with Stanford (17-3)
  • 13 years nº1 player in interclubs leagues: Austria, Germany, Holland, Spain, England, Switzerland.
  • Best wins: Marat Safin Nº1 ATP, Albert Costa Nº6 ATP, Alex Calatrava Nº44 ATP, Juancho Marín
  • Nº55 ATP, Óscar Martínez 68 ATP, José Imaz-Ruiz Nº146 ATP
  • 5 times National Champion Vets +35 (singles, doubles and mixed).
  • ¼´s World Championship Vets +35
  • Nº 12 ITF ranking Vets +35


  • English (Fluent)
  • German (High Level)
  • French (Intermediate)
  • Valenciano (Fluent)


(2023): Bernabé Zapata´s Manager, 37 ATP

(2022-2023): External Collaborator at Kazakhstan Tennis Federation

(2018-2023): Launch & Development Consultant at Valencia Tennis Center

(2017-2020): Consultant (Business and Sport) at Academia Tenis Ferrer

(2015-2020): Teaching Commission Member and Professor at Federación Tenis Comunidad Valenciana

(2015-2021): Launch Consultant at GTC Academy (USA)

(2010): Launch Consultant at Valencia Tennis Academy

(2007-2014): Universidad Católica de Valencia

  • Tennis and Padel Head Coach (M-W)
  • David Estruch (Tennis)- Sergio Icardo (Pádel)

(2007-2013): Sports Director (except sailing) at Real Club Náutico de Valencia

(2006-2012): Board Member at Club Español de Tenis

(1994-01): Coach & Sparring in Tenisval

  • Marat Safin, Dinara Safina, David Ferrer, Igor Andreiev

(2000-2012): Sports Director in Mareny Blau Resort

  • More than 400 Kids in Summer Camps

(1997-2010): Head coach, Teams Captain and Player – Germany, Austria & England

  • Tc Luetzelsachsen 1997-2001 (Spring Season)
  • Tc Lindau 2002-2007 (Spring Season)
  • Caesarean Tennis Club 2002 (Spring Season)
  • Tc Dornbirn 2005-2007 (Spring Season)
  • Tc Blau-weiss Vaihingen 2008-2009 (Spring Season)
  • Tc Wasserburg 2010 (Spring Season)

(1999-2003): Translator-Collaborator at ITF Development Department
(1998-1999): Press Officer at Federación Tenis de la Comunidad Valenciana
(1997-1998): Assistant Coach Women´s Tennis Team at Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Martina Nedelkova Nº2 NCAA


We have known each other with Sergio since we were 12-13 years old, when we met in the National Championships, playing in singles and team competitions, also in doubles, etc. I always saw him as a boy with a very attentive look, with many concerns, with a great desire to listen, to learn and always paying attention to everything that was happening around him, with his eyes wide open. He was always someone very polite, very respectful, and always very discreet. Later we got to know each other more and we met for many years in national tournaments (price money tournaments) and then he continued his career into another field and I, by dedicating myself to professionalism, well, we met on occasion and his knowledge of tennis has always caught my attention. His professionalism, above all his kindness as a person I believe make him someone who can contribute to many things in tennis, because he has experience in different areas and in the end he can also be carried out on and off the tennis court and I believe that everything he has learned from the world of tennis (since we were kids) and also from all its other professionals experiences that he has been developing. I'm sure he has a lot of things to share, so it seems to me that he is someone who has a great future ahead of him and wherever he goes, he will contribute with very good things.

Alex Corretja: Atp Nº3, Former Davis Cup Captain, Eurosport


The words and ideas that I am going to share, from this moment on, are not the result of a friend's request, as Sergio is, but I share them with whoever wants to hear or read them because that is how I feel, and they come out to me. from the heart. Sergio and I have known each other since we were 12 years old and until today, we have always maintained a friendly relationship. As children we played many tournaments and were opponents, but that did not stop our good relationship from continuing, quite the opposite, it brought us together. Even when we were a little older, in the U16 National Championship, we played doubles together and won. We had a great time, and he still doesn't have that cup because he stayed sleeping in the cabins and didn't come to the trophy ceremony. We were teenagers. Well, the most important thing that I would highlight about Sergio is that he has always been a good person, a generous, understanding, empathetic, close, and kind human being. Those are some of the best qualities that, in my view, a person can want to have. In fact, in my work team I never select people who do not have those qualities: Generosity, understanding, empathy and kindness. For that reason, I am convinced that Sergio will carry out impeccable and exquisite professional and human work wherever he goes. Since, in addition, he has a very extensive background, both as a player, coach and teacher, and knows the world of sport, especially tennis, from the grassroots (children) to professionalism, through the training of coaches, university students and a long etcetera. Sergio has never stopped learning, he has always wanted to improve to make others better, and for a long time he has achieved it, either with tennis schools, at the university, or with children's educational projects. That is another of the great good things about Sergio, and that is that he needs to share, because sharing makes him happier and makes him grow as a human being. Therefore, I am sure that wherever you participate, you will always benefit greatly all those around you. Because Sergio is an abundant person and needs to give to others. To continue highlighting Sergio's qualities, I must name one that, for others, is great and very beneficial, but that for him is harmful and painful: it is perfectionism. Sergio is a person and a professional who demands a lot in all areas of life, and consequently also in his professional tasks. Therefore, these professional projects always turn out successfully, but it is thanks to their enormous efforts, concerns, and annoyances. That's why I say that his perfectionism is ideal for his bosses and/or clients, in short, for other people, but not so much for him. And if I had to give you some advice, which I have felt for a long time, it is this: Sergio, do not seek acceptance from others, do not be afraid of what you are or what you do. That fear weighs on you and that wait to know what others will think or say about you hurts you a lot. You have nothing to fear. You are a good person, and you are a great professional in everything you have dedicated yourself to in your life. Don't wait for anyone's approval, follow your path and live it from the happiness that being that good person gives you. Finally, after having expressed my opinions about Sergio Guillem, with whom life brings me closer and further apart as the years go by, but whom I have always felt to be a great human being and a good friend, I would like to make myself available of whoever deems it appropriate to confirm every one of the things I have mentioned about Sergio Guillem Diosdado

Pepe Imaz: Novak Djokovic's Mental Coach


Sergio and I have known each other for many years in the world of tennis. I have always seen a very capable person in all aspects, when it comes to writing, talking about tennis, sports, always with a lot of knowledge in all aspects. A person who I consider to be honest in what he says, who has his say, which is always very important and very qualified and very prepared for any field, be it a business, the world of sports, because he has a very long studies background and, in the end, he always has many knowledge and when he talks about something specific it is because he has that knowledge. I also consider that he is a very efficient person in what he does. And well, the truth is that I also did a project with him to write a children's book, to look for different things and in that aspect, I felt very satisfied with the love he put into that project. So, nothing, that's Sergio.

David Ferrer: Nº3 Atp, Spain Davis Cup Captain


Sergio is a few years older than me, and I remember that when I started playing tennis they signed me on his team. He was number one in two older categories. I remember that number 2 was Alex Calatrava (in the future he would become 44 ATP and beat Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi) and that they had a great team. Over the years we shared many ties and became friends, and even today we maintain contact and friendship. Sergio is passionate about tennis. As a player, coach, book writer and student of the subject, his life has always been linked in one way or another to tennis. He is a responsible and capable professional. He transmits security to people through his self-confidence, knowledge of the world of tennis and its ins and outs, and empathy with others. He usually meets the goals he sets, makes the dreams come true by the companies or people he works for.

Fernando Vicente Fibla: Nº29 Atp, Andrei Rublev´s Coach