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Strahinja Djukic - ITF Junior Tennis Player

Villeneuve Loubet

I am Strahinja Djukic from Serbia, and for a decade, I have delved into tennis with unwavering passion. Allin Tennis Academy in the South of France has been my training ground, a home where my skills thrive, propelling my tennis career. Globetrotting, I embrace diverse cultures, competing globally against formidable opponents and, ultimately, challenging myself.

Education & Rankings

Education ->

ISBerne Academy Online

  • 3.6 GPA
  • Grade 11

Rankings ->

  • ITF Junior Career High Ranking 2200
  • French Ranking -> 3/6


Playing experience
  • Competing in ITF Junior tournaments has not only sharpened my tennis skills but has also provided invaluable life experiences. The constant travel and exposure to diverse cultures have broadened my horizons, fostering adaptability and resilience both on and off the court. Engaging with players from different parts of the world has not only expanded my tennis network but has also enriched my understanding of the global tennis community.

One of the most significant lessons I’ve learned is the importance of mental fortitude. Navigating through different time zones, climates, and surfaces has honed my ability to stay focused and composed under various circumstances. This mental toughness has proven to be a crucial asset in high-stakes matches and challenging environments, helping me overcome obstacles and secure crucial victories.

In addition to the physical and mental aspects, the travel and tournament routine have instilled a strong sense of discipline. Balancing training, rest, and competition while on the road has taught me the importance of time management and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This disciplined approach not only enhances my performance on the court but also contributes to my overall well being.

As I continue to compete in ITF Junior tournaments, I recognize that these experiences are shaping not only my tennis career but also my personal growth. The journey is not just about accumulating points but about developing as a well-rounded individual who can face adversity with resilience, embrace diversity, and thrive in the dynamic world of international tennis.

About you

1-Year Goals:

  1. Achieve a notable improvement in my ITF Junior ranking, demonstrating progress in my competitive performance.
  2. Enhance specific aspects of my tennis game, focusing on areas identified through continuous assessment and feedback.
  3. Compete in my first ITF Future event.
  4. Actively engage in off-court training, including strategic video analysis, to refine my tactical approach to different opponents and game situations.

Career Goals :

  1. Secure a spot in the main draw of Grand Slam tournaments, showcasing my skills on the world stage.
  2. Always be on the search for best version of myself
  3. Winning the Australian Open
  4. Establish partnerships with reputable sponsors to support my training and tournament participation, allowing for a sustainable professional career.
  5. Approach each match and training session with gratitude, resilience, and a hunger for improvement, embracing the journey and remaining passionate about the sport I love.

Serbia marked the beginning of my life, but at the young age of 4, I relocated to the enchanting and small country of Malta. My early years were characterized by a love for sports, and it was at 7 that I first set foot on a tennis court, instantly falling in love with the game. By the time I turned 11, my passion for tennis had blossomed, leading me to step into the world of competitive play, eventually leaving behind other sports to wholeheartedly pursue my tennis dream.

As I competed locally against formidable opponents, it became evident that I had outgrown the competition. Recognizing the need for a more challenging environment to nurture my tennis career, my parents and I embarked on a journey to find the perfect training ground. This quest took me to countries like Spain, Serbia, Belgium, and more, as we explored various academies. Ultimately, at the age of 13, I made the decision to move alone to the Allin Tennis Academy in the South of France. This academy became my steadfast base, providing the foundation for my tennis journey.

Over the years, I traversed 31 countries, participating in Tennis Europe and ITF Junior tournaments, all in pursuit of victory. Determined and dedicated, I continually sought to unearth the best version of myself. At 16, I took a bold step and traveled solo to the Sunshine Coast in Australia, where I trained under the guidance of Michelle Jaggard-Lai and Gary Strickler. This experience not only enhanced my tennis skills but equipped me with invaluable life resources that I’ll carry with me forever. The coaching team, particularly Gary Strickler, played a pivotal role in my growth as a player and an individual. Their mentorship instilled in me the ability to understand myself from within and navigate through life’s challenges.

Armed with new tools and insights, I returned to the South of France, ready to pursue my dreams of becoming a professional tennis player. The journey has been a testament to my resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to self-improvement, both on and off the court.

More Information:

Date of birth: 16th June 2007

Hand Used: Right hand, two-handed backhand

Height: 180cm

Racket: Head Gravity MP

Clothing: Nike (No Sponser)

Shoes: Asics (No Sponser)

Any Sponsors: No


  • Single – 9.4, best 9.8
  • Doubles 9.8, best 10.1

Favourite Player: Novak Djokovic

Career Aspirations:

  • 1. ATP Tour.
  • 2. Grand Slam contender.
  • 3. Davis Cup representative.
  • 4. Passionate Journey.

Favourite Tournament: Australian Open

Best Surface: Clay

Best Win: 10.3 UTR

Goals for the coming year:

  • Reach 10.5 UTR
  • Achieve an ITF Junior Title
  • Compete in first 15K Futures Event

Current and Previous Coach, Club & Academies
  • Current Coach – AMAURY RINGEVAL
  • Previous Coach – ENZO TSONGA