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Tibor Penzes - Tennis Coach


Tibor Penzes – Tennis Coach
Hello,my name is Tibor,I am tennis coach from Serbia. I have been in tennis for 32 years as a player and as a coach. I am currently looking for a coaching position as a head coach(competition players will be suitable). I am looking for a position in Europe but travelling is also interesting.

Thank You for taking time to see my resume…



  • Junior High: Djura Danicic, Novi Sad
  • High school: Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj Gymnasium (social and linguistic direction)
  • University of Reno Nevada (Global business)
  • College for Sports and Tourism (Tennis coaching Diploma with 3.years of studying,RPA:7, final exam:8), www.tims.edu.rs
  • Lectures ITF for the month


  • Perfect English and Serbian Solid Russian and Spanish
  • A little bit German and Italian


  • Excellent service and a good volley
  • Baseline Player
  • Good forehand and backhand
  • Right handed
  • Good doubles player

Coaching times & fees


  • Tennis camp Kopaonik for 3 years (Tennis Club Partizan)
  • 4 years in the tennis camp of Vojvodina in Montenegro Tennis camp in Croatia for 3 months
  • 2 Tennis camps with Lawn Tennis Association of Vojvodina


  • LTA Mini-Tennis for 4 years Cardio Tennis for 2 years
  • My University project (All around Tennis) Recreational Tennis for 5 years
  • Professional coaching for 15 years
  • Total Tennis planning with a overall evaluation and statistics
  • Preparation of the matches and tactical preparation
  • I have experience as working with a players as a conditioning coach for 10 years with a full program of all types of ages and needs custom to tennis needs
  • Trough Tennis coaching time I was a team coach of senior team and juniors of Tennis Club Vojvodina for 2 years

Further information


  • Serbian Tennis Association and a register player since 1993
  • British Tennis Federation for 1 year ITF licensed player and coach
  • Coaching board in the Tennis Club Vojvodina, Novi Sad


  • On the beginning from the age of 6 till 8 was working in the camp of Jelena Gencic (First coach of Novak Djokovic) 3 months for the winter time
  • My first coach was Davis Cup Team coach Dragan Ciric (Coach of Tatjana Jacmenica, Boris Babic, Jovan Savic) (Boris Becker sparring partner)…
  • Ex coach of Tatjana Jacmenica Djordje Dacic was my coach for 4 years
  • In India I had been working with ex coach of Wilfred Tsonga for few months (coach together, not as a player coach)
  • Under 16 and 18 I was working with Tomislav Pavlov ( Ex coach of Sandra Nacuk-WTA 80 Ranked)
  • Had a chance to work with Nick Bolletieri for one week as he was the a guest of Tennis Club Vojvodina


  • Started playing tennis for the age of 5 Started playing tournaments for the age of 7
  • Won first tournament by the age of 7 (Played final with Novak Djokovic,won 9:4)
  • Top 20 under 10 class
  • Ranking under 12 No.5 (3 won tournaments)
  • Ranking under 14 1th. year 10, 2nd. 5 (Won 9 tournaments that year (Serbian open, Vojvodina open and Montenegro Open), 3 1th class and 6 2nd and 3rd, won to Victor Troicki 3 times that year)
  • Former ETA ranking 235 (Played 2 quarter finals and 2 second rounds)
  • Ranking under 16 number 10 (Played semi final of the Serbian cup and semi final of the Serbian team Championship with Tennis Club Vojvodina Novi Sad)
  • Under 18 ranking 15 (Played only 5 tournaments) and played final of the Nationals indoors(till the final won to 3 National players- Denis Bejtulahi, Boris Conkic and Slavko Bjelica) and got a call for a national team of Serbia and got a 5 ITF points (800 rank)
  • Under 18 started playing for senior team of Tennis Club Vojvodina and played for next 6 seasons
  • Went to USA to play Collage tennis, University of Reno,Nevada (Played 1th,2nd and 3rd spot) with a full scholarship
  • Played a first senior pro league for Tennis Club AS Novi Sad 1 year
  • Got 2 ATP points for the senior league as for defeat of ranked players
  • Played fifth German league (3 matches) in Heidelberg




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  • Started working as a coach from the age of 21
  • 2009-2011 Tennis club Vojvodina,Novi Sad(assistant and Head coach)
  • 2011-2012 LTA,Mumbai,India(mini tennis program,Head coach)
  • 2012-2013 Sania Mirza tennis academy,Hyderabad,India(Head coach)
  • 2014-2015 Tennis coaching and German league,Haidelberg,Germany(Head coach)
  • 2015-2016 China open tennis center,Beijing(Head coach)
  • 2016-2017 Jamna tennis academy,Jaipur,India(Head coach)
  • 2017-2018 Wuhan,China,Junior tennis development program(Head coach)
  • 2018-2019 Xian,China,private coaching(Head coach)
  • 2019-2022 Gladiator tennis team,Novi Sad,Serbia(Head coach)
  • 2022-2023 Navi Mumbai,India,Junior tennis development(Head coach)

Part time jobs:

  • Indian army team preparations for Asian games
  • Chinese coaches development,Mini tennis program
  • Tennis camp in India


  • Lazar Jokic (2 years,Under 10 No. 5) Filip Grbic (Top 20 under 18 Europe) Marina Kacar (2 years,WTA 450 ranked)
  • Stefan Bojic (Collage player and top 10 in Serbia) Vukasin Teofanovic(Collage Player,Serbian top 5) Dejan Antonic (Top 10 Serbia under 16)
  • Sasa Stoisavljevic (ATP 650 ranked and University Champion of the World in Belgrade)
  • Sania Mirza (WTA 23 ranked,WTA 1 doubles in the world,played US-Open semi final with me)
  • Shaink Abdullah (2 Junior in India and 1400 ATP, played semi final Nationals under me)
  • Rohan Bhatia (Ranked 443 ITF)
  • Mishigan Omer (Canadian and Indian, won 3 tournaments)
  • Lalita Devarakonda (Ranked 553 ITF,played to semi final ITF as working with me)
  • Shaik Osama (Ranking 30 under 16 and 175 under 18 in India) Amreen Naaz (Ranked 125 in India under 18)
  • Dhir Gala (Ranked 878 ITF) Nick Kyrgios (ATP 13)
  • Albert Ramos (ATP 40)
  • Maria Patrascu (WTA 700)
  • Angelina Djordjevic (Under 14 Australian National team)
  • Tijana Svitlica (Under 18 Serbia)
  • Darja Shurvinjonkova (ITF 50,WTA 1000)
  • Teodora Kosovic (ITF 20)
  • Om Sharma (India under 14 no.5)


My Name is Danilo Laličić, i am a former profesional Tennis player ; ITF Tennis coach Level 1. I would like to say a few words about Tibor Penzes, and his work. I know him from childhood, first time i saw him was on Tennis court. I can remember he was always and still a Gladiator, in youth as a professional Tennis player, now as a professional Tennis coach. I would always recommend him, because i believe in his Gladiator spirit, dedication, Tennis knowledge, above all good person, Tennis lover, because Tennis is his passion his path.

Danilo Laličić


Hey guys. Hope you all are doing great. My name is Shaikh Abdullah, I was trained by Tibor when I was in India for 2-3 years. I was playing juniors that time and I was too 100 in the world in junior ITF rankings. Also, I was top 1000 when I was just 17 in the ATP rankings. Tibor is a kind of coach I would prefer you to get your directions from because he knows what he is doing. He also had a part of making me a champion and now I’m playing college tennis for no 2 college in the United States. Thanks Tibor for being my coach and my mentor even though it was just for 2-3 years. I hope you all trust Tibor and his potential so that he can also work on you to become future top players. Thank you. Have a great day.

Shaikh Abdullah


Hi everyone, I’m Tijana, I’m from Novi Sad and I’m 18 years old. In the last year, I have been training with Tibor quite a lot. And I must admit that I was delighted with him as a trainer and above all a man .. He is maximally dedicated to the player, and in all his ways conveys his tennis knowledge in a great way. He is very busy with every player and has a great desire to work, I am honestly delighted. My game has progressed a lot, I’m a competitor, and he managed to help me a lot. The other day, I signed a college contract for America, I division in Atlanta 🙂 a lot of greetings for all, you have all my recommendations honest

Tijana, from Novi Sad, Serbia


My name is Milan Drinic,I am tennis professional from Serbia.My best ranking was 650ATP.I know Tibor since I was a boy and he followed my tennis advance for a long time.I was very happy with working with him and he helped me to advance. He is very good coach in all aspects, very smart,hard working and dedicated. I stopped working with him because he went to work out of Serbia.I am giving best recommendations for him to his future players. Best of luck!Milan

Milan Drinic - Best ATP 650