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Player Seeking Sponsorship - Tom Hands

United Kingdom

Tom Hands

Hello, my name is Tom Hands and I’m a professional tennis player. I have been playing since I could hold a racket and the plan has always been to play on the tour. My passion is, and has always been, with tennis and plan to pursue this for as long as I can! I work hard and am committed to being the best that I can be!

Education & Rankings
  • I graduated with honors from Drake University in America with a degree in Environmental Science. This is another passion of mine!
  • I got my 1st ATP point in September and am currently ranked around 1700 in singles and 930 in doubles.

Playing experience

Tennis is such a complex game with so many different game styles and techniques. I have grown to love this, every player is unique and every shot is different. But it’s the feeling of the ball coming off the strings and flying just as you had intended for a winner, that is the drug that keeps me addicted to this brilliant game.

About you
  • DOB: 02/11/1996
  • Hand Used: Right
  • Height: 6ft 2”
  • Racket: Babolat APD
  • Strings: Solinco Barb Wire
  • Clothes: mainly Adidas
  • Shoes: mainly Adidas
  • Sponsor: none
  • Favourite Player: Andy Murray/ Roger Federer
  • Career Aspirations: to be the best I can be, finish my career with no regrets and climb as high as I can in the rankings.
  • Favourite tournament: Frinton British Tour
  • Best Surface: Grass
  • Best Win: Ryan Peniston (current ranking 387), June 2019 at North Oxford British Tour
  • Goals for the Year: to break inside top 1000 for singles, and top 800 for doubles.
  • Favourite Quote: “Fear no one, respect everyone”

Here is a video of the British Tour Tunbridge Wells Men’s Final: Tom Hands v Michael Shaw in 2017

Current and Previous Coach, Club & Academies
  • No current coach. Previous coaches include my college coach Davidson Kozlowski, Matt Taylor from Hills Road Tennis Academy and Ivan Durham from David Lloyd Cambridge.
  • Clubs include; David Lloyd Cambridge, Fulbourn Tennis Club, Hills Road Tennis Academy


Tom is an extremely dedicated tennis player. His passion for the game is immense and his inner desire to improve himself is an example to us all. Tom’s athletic ability is second to none. Given time and support I have no doubt Tom will go a long way in the sport. I would also like to add that Tom is one of the nicest, most sincere, honest and decent young athletes that I have had the pleasure of working with.

Ivan Durham - Senior Performance Tennis coach