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Xiaotian Zhang - Tennis Coach

United Kingdom

My tennis journey started at the tender age of 6, fueled by a passion that led me to become the China U14 year-end champion by U12. This early success was just the beginning of a path that intertwined with academic excellence and competitive tennis at an elite level.

  1. LTA Level 1
  2. LTA Level 2
  3. PTR Professional Coach

**Academic and Tennis Balance**:

  • Secured admission to one of China’s top 3 universities, leveraging my tennis skills.
  • Won the Chinese University Competition Women’s Singles for 3 consecutive years, showcasing my dedication to both academics and athletics.
  • Pursuing higher education, I chose Loughborough University, globally renowned for its sports major. This decision was motivated by a desire to deepen my understanding of sports business, aligning with my career aspirations in tennis coaching.

**Professional Development**:

  • Earned PTR, LTA Level 1, and LTA Level 2 coaching certifications, enhancing my 7 years of coaching experience.
  • Competed in and won national-level competitions in the UK, and served as a hitting partner for Junior ITF players.

**Engagement Beyond Coaching**:

  • Active in sports blogging and social media, influencing the broader tennis community and sharing insights from my experiences.
  • Established and managed the China Tennis Community in London, rapidly growing to over 200 members within a mere 2 months, and fostering a vibrant tennis community in the region. Organize weekly hitting with remarkable consistency, attracting over 20 players each time, significantly enhancing engagement and camaraderie within the communit.
  • With a blend of competitive success, academic achievements, and coaching qualifications, I am eager to contribute to tennis coaching in worldwide.

Interests :

  • Boxing🥊
  • Filming📷
  • cocktail🍸


Assistant Coach, Zhejiang University *2017 – 2021*

  • Planned and executed daily training sessions for the university tennis team.
  • Conducted weekly meetings and communications with team members to discuss progress, strategies, and goals.

Tennis Coach & Hitting Partner – *2021 – Present*

  • Provides coaching to tennis players of all skill levels, focusing on technical, tactical, and physical development
  •  Acts as a hitting partner for multiple Junior ITF players in London, assisting in their preparation for competitions and enhancing their on-court performance.