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Zlatko Gucev - Tennis Coach

Fyro Macedonia

Zlatko Gucev

I am Zlatko Gucev, professor of sports and sports activities born on November 16, 1962, I come from Macedonia, I was born in Skopje, as a conscious athlete in my hometown Veles I trained, played, won medals and trophies, I was a coach for Borec sports teams in 90 years and my personal club TK “Gem” Veles, and now I am a coach in TC “Borec” I work with all categories of children.

  • GPTCA, Global Profesional Tennis Coach Association –INTERNATIONAL COACH , ATP certified –B level –Belgrade Serbia 2019:
  • Course in Management in Small Economy and Family Business (certificate) – Veles 2003
  • Course in Management and human resources and Family Business and IT – Veles 2003
  • USAID’s e-Schools project in IT and Communication Technology certificate 2005
  • Macedonia (for Sport and Physical Education) Ohrid-2005 year 2005

Coaching times & fees

Please contact Zlatko direct for information on his availability and coaching fees:


Zlatko Gucev taking indoor lessons

And not coincidentally in 2019 I was named the best sports pedagogue at the suggestion of the Sports Union of the Municipality Veles, Republic of Macedonia.

  • English TOEFEL CEFR level
  • Serbian C1 CEFR level
  • Bulgarian A2 CEFR level
  • Croatian C1 CEFR level
  • Interests : karate, skiing, swimming, all sports
  • Other qualifications: Driver B – category; First Aid

  • Tennis coach of tennis club”Borec”- Veles from 2018 and present;
  • Founder and coach ,Skiing instructor at SC “Borec” – Veles from 1982 – 1991;
  • Founder and coach of Boxing Club “Gemigii” – Veles from 1991-1999;
  • Technical sport director of Boxing Club “Gemigii” – Veles from 1992 to 1999;
  • Founder and coach of Tennis Club “Gem” – Veles in 1997;
  • Winner of karate  team and one-to one competition medals in heavyweight category with KK”Borec”-Veles, from 1982 to 1991;
  • Founder and coach karate club”Gemigii”-Veles from 1999-2019 and present
  • Technical sports director for BK “Gemigii” 1992 – 1999;
  • Awarded by Macedonian Boxing Federation for development and advancement of the boxing sport in 2000 – Skopje;
  • Manager of the International Boxing Tournament “Zlaten Gong (Golden Gong)-Skopje, R.Macedonia, semi-final matches from 1992 – 1999 in BC “Gemigii” – Veles;
  • Member of the trainer organization in the Boxing Federation of Macedonia.


Prof. Zlatko Gucev is a positive person, an example of what a true pedagogue and tennis coach should look like! With his efforts he managed to bring tennis into school sports and in sports classes, we succeeded thanks to him and to be among the first high schools after tennis. And now, even after so many years, we have become colleagues and we are together in the same club TC "Borec" Veles. The experience he gives me during training is completely amazing! My training has improved over time and he really knows how to "train". He teaches me to love sports because of his professionalism and his love of tennis! He is really wonderful and I highly recommend him!

Bruno Stavrevski coach in TC "Borec" Veles Macedonia


Prof. Zlatko Gucev is wonderful as a man and a great pedagogue, with his perseverance and commitment to make our dream of sports veterans of the city of Veles come true, he as general manager of the sports center GEMIDZII in a short time allowed us to form the union of sports veterans of the city Veles. It was a wonderful moment because we were the second registered company in R. Macedonia. And in a short time with his initiative he made a project for deformities of preschool children and school children up to 8 years old. With this activity he as a director and as a pedagogue showed in practice how to work with children, motivated and entertained them. and coordinated the movements of all children in the groups. Children and parents were very satisfied with the whole activity. Prof. Zlatko is really gifted to work with children and is not only a top professional in his work but also makes training fun and motivating for de The men ... Men sano in corporo sano. And for that it is at your disposal at any time, it will not refuse you, it will reasonably listen to you and will help you !!!!

Secretary of the Union of Sports Veterans of the city of Veles MK Pencho Janevski - former representative of YU in sports gymnastics and former European champion on horseback with handles.


Sports professor and tennis coach Zlatko Gucev is not only a pedagogue and a brilliant professional, he takes the time to build relationships with his students and teach them important life lessons both on and off the field. If you are looking for a person who will not only teach your child how to play and win the game, but someone to look after, do not look for more! As a student and parent, I was very pleased with the work of my coach and professor, if they gave a grade of 10, we would give him 10+ and don't wait to get it !!!!! And you would do it too.

Family Dzajkovi, Blagoj and Bojan Dzajkovi are tennis students