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Good morning readers.  It is a pleasure to sit here and talk to you today as the owner of Sportsprosconnect.com.  From today onwards we will be looking forward to the re-running of a regular Friday afternoon blog.  These will be in the form of interviews, articles from well known sports coaches or players, and much much more.  This is following on from an extended break where we transitioned from sportsprosconnect.com to Sportsprosconnect.com.

Todays first topic has been written by myself Mark Wylam (the owner of Sportsprosconnect.com) and starts off on the topic of how to use Sportsprosconnect.com effectively as a coach, and we later talk about some exciting news.

How to use your Coach page effectively?

Good morning all!  It has been brought to my attention from clients and from google analytics that your marketing pages are not being used correctly and therefore not enough traffic is reaching you.  There are a few reasons that not enough traffic is being reached:

  1.  Are you promoting yourself and your pages on Social Media?
  2.  Are you making regular updates to your pages?
  3.  Do you add your domain to Leaflets and Business Cards?
  4.  Do you have your domain name on email signatures?
  5.  Since we re-branded have you changed your domain to www.sportsprosconnect.com/xxx

All these are questions we need to ask ourselves.  If you do all these things and more, it will not be long before your coach page will be at the top of the google rankings and you will be getting regular business from your page.  Yves Latreille stays up to date with his page and you can see him at the top of a google search even above Linked in and Facebook if you type his name into google.

Case Study: Susan Nardi

Susan Nardi was one of my first clients.  She was one of the first coaches that used her page correctly, the way it was supposed to be used.  She did all of these things including promoting herself on social media, regular updates, adding domain name to leaflets, business cards and email signatures.  In fact she is proud of the brand ‘Sportsprosconnect’ and has even had the time to change her domain.

In the early days she was getting regularly 30-80 views per day.  She was putting her name out there into the big wide world of tennis coaching.  In fact within three months of having her page she had been headhunted by 3 different perspective employees for 3 tempting roles.  At that time Susan assured me she wasnt necessarily looking for a new role, but found it hard to turn down a move from Texas to Florida.

That move didnt necessarily work out for Susan, however she is now doing her dream job as Director of Junior Tennis at the Griffin Club in Los Angeles.  Feel free to contact Susan for her thoughts or advice, whether you already have a page with us or not.

Exciting Announcements:

We are excited to announce that we have signed a partnership with a company who deals with coach bookings.  At present, we are not at liberty to announce our partner, however we are currently working on a ‘guinea pig’ or 2 to help the transition run smoothly.  Once we have trialled this, we will reach out to our other members and offer this service to them.

We are also close to agreements with some other companies which include add ons and tweaks to what we are currently doing.  Once these deals are confirmed we will announce them via our various social media channels.

Finally, we are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting our work at the upcoming WTCA Conference in New York City.  If you would like to attend, we urge you to contact CEO of WTCA Sarah Stone  or click this link here for the sign up form.  This event was the highlight of my year last year, and the names on the speakers list looks even more impressive this year.  Well done Sarah and the rest of the team at the WTCA!

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the event and welcome any new coaches, academies, resorts, facilities, clubs, travel companies and partners to our online community here at Sportsprosconnect.com.

Mark Wylam (Owner Sportsprosconnect.com)



July 27, 2018 Categories: Written by Owner