Dragonet works with an innovative and revolutionary continuous cycle system.

There is no need to buy hundreds of balls, Dragonet has no reservoir to refill: with just five balls, it is basically possible to practice for hours without ever having to stop and pick up any.

The special structure locks and channels the balls efficiently, allowing the player to focus solely on training.

Student-Athlete Adventures

Kickstart Your Future with Student-Athlete Adventures!

Are you dreaming of a sports scholarship in America? We’re here for you to make that dream accessible, straightforward and affordable.

In this comprehensive course, we cover everything you need to know, starting from the present moment all the way to securing your scholarship. Gain the knowledge and skills to identify the perfect fit for YOU.

Our unique step-by-step course is built from hundreds of experts’ input, including; college coaches, recruiters, college admissions specialists and former international student-athletes themselves. The course is interactive, dynamic, and relevant for young student-athletes in high school, as well as parents or coaches.

Your dream of playing sports in America is not just a dream, it’s a journey, and it starts HERE!


SuperMovers is a unique programme that develops Strength, Movement, Agility, Stability and Coordination in junior tennis players.

SuperMovers covers all the qualities you need to become the best tennis athlete possible.


SPC are delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Andy Dowsett, owner, creator and founder of System-9 tennis. We have known Andy for several years, having certified myself and thousands of others since 2000 as a PTR certified tennis. System-9 is without doubt a leader in the market of coach education with a reputation world-wide. Throughout the next few years we intend to work with System-9 to promote and deliver coach education workshops in different countries worldwide through our huge network. Watch this space for other co-operations as both of our networks increase!.

Tennis Club Business

We are delighted to have partnered with Rich Neher and ‘Tennis Club Business‘.  Tennis Club Business is an online newsletter / magazine which is published once a month.  They have all sorts of interesting articles and features which is a must to subscribe to for every tennis professional.

We have partnered with them to provide a featured ‘International Job of the Month’, and we are discussing ways and ideas to increase brand awareness from both sides. Watch this space for more to come!