Introducing the 'R9017 Alvarez Fear & Recoil Test-Trainer' to the World


Welcome, Neil Alvarez, as the first coach to be interviewed by sportsprosconnect.com in 2018.  Firstly, could you please introduce yourself and your background?

Thank you Mark, for receiving me here. My name is Neil Alvarez i am the discoverer and developer of Alvarez Fear & Recoil Test Trainer R90-17. I am a Magistrate Physiotherapist and an Exercise Trainer. I have been practicing Neuromotor Training for the past 2 decades.

Thanks Neil.  So, you are by your own words ‘the worlds first neuro motor specialist’.  Please explain exactly what this means for our readers.

Neuromotor Training is a specific training isolation of brain functions according to the movement weakness that is presented in Tennis without interfering with tactics. I use the Alvarez Fear & Recoil Test to detect the manifestations of such movement patterns that is related primarily to FEAR. These fears effect tactics. Returns, both offensive and defensive and even the endurance of FOCUS. Fear is very tricky. It can be deceiving. The mind can lie but the body won’t. Every ball that bounces on the other side of the court is a presentation of our body, so is the other opponent who hits the ball bouncing back to you.

Can you imagine your potential when you expose your body movements to fear such as HEIGHT, FLIGHT, SPEED, DARKNESS AND FALLING? You can unleash it automatically without thinking. No more PANIC. No more STRESS. No more WORRIES. No more OVERCALCULATION. No more CONFUSION. No more ANXIETY. No more FEAR. No more WORRIES.

FEAR has always been a major THREAT TO PERFORMANCE whether we like it or not because of the EVOLUTIONAL INSTINCT that is programmed in our brain mainly in the LIMBIC SYSTEM and that part called walnut by the Greeks and known in medical field as the AMYGDALA. Fear presents a motoric pattern in the joints and muscles of an individual. We all differ from such presentations. So my trainings differ from one player to another. I expose the strokes in Tennis into the dynamic movements of fear. A common word out of comfort zone such as those forehand, backhand, serve, volley, foot works  and so on. The purpose of this neuromotor training that I do is to move swiftly with EXPLOSIVITY without dragging the anatomic stroke. It enhances tactics the way the player or coach wants it. This specific training after a meticulous assessment and evaluation (whole anatomy) is  dependent on the presenting current problem. The R90-17 Test Trainer can teach the brain into movements with automaticity. The brain is overloaded so the automaticity could calm the other systems of the brain and not tiring it quickly.


So, working with tennis players is a big part of what you do, however you also work with other athletes.  Tell us a few other athletes you have worked with and some of the other sporting athletes you would like to work with?

I love the physics of motion when an athlete comes for consultation of any sport how we can play with EXPLOSIVITY and respecting GRAVITY. I focus on SPECIFICITY. I focus on deformities of movements i n my seminars.  They all said I am crazy when I am training with them. How in the world did I discover it? They said their movements became easier after sometime.

With thorough assessment and evaluation from head to foot. Joint to joint, physics of motion and posture. Athletes consult me in golf, boxing, running, football, basketball,skiing, and military servicemen. Special cases like pilots(how to deal with G-LOC and focus) how to deal primarily with motoric patterns related to FEAR presentation. Aside from tennis, athletes mostly come to me with coordination and explosive pattern technicals.

Products of neuromotor training are Ema Kozin in boxing. She is the number 1 boxer in middleweight class. Ilija Djurdjevic in GOLF LDWS Champions, and other developmental futures in other sports specifics.

Who would I like to train?  I am interested in training Grigor Dimitrov and Denis Shapovalov. I see room for improvements in both of their biomechanics. Of course Novak Djokovic aswell… His injury has something to do with his biomechanics. He needs help, and I like problems!

You also do seminars around the world and are also in the process of writing a book.  Can you tell us more about the seminars and what the book is about?

-Yes Sir! I get to be invited by sports academies or professional athletes to do seminar courses around the world.

-The book I am writing will be about the deformities in tennis, since the world is full of sciences and studies.  I am also thinking of a specific title. I would like to come more in the levels of readers as tennis made ridiculously simple. More theoretically, practical, applicable and more realistic and effective. The gist will focus around the whole anatomic body from brain to body parts, physics of motion fear how it affects us. More about brain TRUSTING THE BODY PARTS per se.

You are also currently working on the ‘Alvarez fear & Recoil test R-9017′ (video below).  How far are you now about the success of your discovery and development? Any recognition?


 -I am humbly introducing the “ALVAREZ FEAR & RECOIL TEST R-90/17”. It is copyright protected by BERNE CONVENTION under AAS Registry. I can solemnly declare that I, Neil Alvarez am the first in the history of human biomechanics who discovered, developed and detected the presentation of fear in all joints of the body and its muscles around it. We can FINALLY erase those fears. Fear is REVERSIBLE so athletes can play at their best.

Finally, since this is a website based on tennis, please give us your thoughts on the Australian Open coming up later in the month and who are your predictions for the Grand Slam?

-The tennis ball is always round. Anyone can make it to the top. Seriously, Roger Federer is already in “godmode”. He is a very good example of the Alvarez Fear and Recoil Test R9017 . But I have to challenge him do the test after Australian Grand Slam. Is Dennis Shapovalov playing? Just in case he is there. At the moment I would like to choose some unknown players. New rising stars to make it to the top…

Thank you Mr. Mark Wylam for this opportunity. Thank you MARK SOCIALTENNIS for CONNECTING ALL TENNIS COACHES AROUND THE WORLD. Great work and good job!

Thanks very much Neil Alvarez on your interesting insight and introduction to the ‘R9017 Alvarez Fear and Recoil Test-Trainer‘.  sportsprosconnect.com met Neil on a GPTCA Level B & C Course in Llubijana, Slovenia in October and he made us all think differently about fear and am pleased to introduce him into the sportsprosconnect.com directory of coaches.  Please see his page here, and his full website here

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