Tennis Scholarships and Training: Pepe Pinto Discusses Vision and Success

Pepe Pinto Discusses His Vision and Successes in Tennis Training and College Recruitment

In this interview, Pepe Pinto shares his philosophy as a tennis trainer, his journey in the tennis world, and the mission behind Top College USA. He emphasizes the importance of intention in coaching, the role of tennis in personal development, and the unique approach of his consultancy in securing tennis scholarships and training for aspiring tennis players worldwide.


Good afternoon, Pepe Pinto. It’s great to have you here today. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background in the tennis world, particularly regarding tennis scholarships and training?

Hi Mark, thanks for the invitation. Instead of focusing on myself, I’d like to talk about my character as a tennis trainer and the intentions I bring to every project. I believe the intention behind one’s actions is crucial because it reflects the heart of the person. As coaches, we often struggle to forgive ourselves and our players for making mistakes, both on and off the court. However, in a game of small margins, how can we not encourage ourselves and others to go out there and make mistakes? As long as we are brave, act with good intentions, and take ownership of our efforts, mistakes can become our greatest teachers.

Professional Journey

Professionally, I am an alumnus of the University of Louisville, Kentucky. My latest position was at the Rafa Nadal Academy in the Annual Junior Team Program. Now, I own a tennis consultancy agency and conduct pre-seasons for tennis players around the world.

Coaching Philosophy

I see myself as a junior development coach who provides guidance both on and off the court. My ideal practice acknowledges that tennis is a living culture and recognizes that certain principles have predictive power.

I believe junior players need to be developed from the inside out. This development cannot simply be found but must be created with dedication and hard work. My aim is to cultivate a culture on my ideal court where tennis is taken seriously and approached with the respect it deserves.

Top College USA

Thanks very much, Pepe. Today, we are here to discuss Top College USA. Can you give us some history and successes from Top College USA?

I always felt that tennis instructors should serve as life mentors both on and off the court and revive the tradition of apprenticeship through community building, college tennis, and intellectual curiosity.

Mission and Vision

I want to elevate the status of a tennis coach and inspire future generations to build a career within the tennis industry, whether as instructors, entrepreneurs, or executives.

I want parents and kids to know that there is more within the world of tennis than what is currently offered. Coaches need to play a significant role in making this happen. A young tennis player can become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, dentist, designer, or teacher through the financial aid they can receive from U.S. colleges via competitive tennis.

Success Stories

The vision of Top College USA is to provide college athletics scholarship consultancy services by collaborating with coaches and placing them at the center of the college application process for their students. We aim to make coaches key figures in the formative development of their players’ future education. We will teach tennis at the highest level, provide higher education, and make tennis a long-term investment for families.

In the past few months, I am proud to say that Top College USA played a crucial part in securing academic and athletic scholarships for players from Spain, Portugal, France, Qatar, India, Sweden, and Turkey. I am looking forward to the future and what Top College USA will bring to players from different nations.

Role and Ethos

Where do you base yourself at Top College USA, and what is your business ethos?

At Top College USA, I see myself as the bridge between U.S. college tennis and coaches worldwide who recognize the opportunities it can bring to their players and academies. I believe in community building and the capacity to follow up sustainably with every player and coach that is part of my agency. I respect the athletic and academic trajectory and the potential of every tennis player that comes to Top College USA.

For me, they are not just transactions. I am aware that they are teenagers making the most important decision of their lives, and I am doing my best to protect them so they can choose the best option possible given their efforts and circumstances.

Competitive Edge

There are plenty of tennis recruitment companies around the world. What are three things that set you apart from your competitors?

Top College USA is based in Miami, Florida. Being a registered company in the United States provides trust, as we are subject to U.S. laws, which ensures your deposit is safe and within a legal system that favors the customer.

Additionally, Top College is a company made by coaches for coaches. Every member involved in this agency is deeply rooted in the world of tennis scholarships and training. Our ethos is to respect the athletic and academic trajectory of each player, which is our competitive advantage. Top College USA stays in touch with the player throughout their career and follows up with them if needed, without charging extra fees, as it should be.

Finally, a quick fire round of questions to leave you with:

Favourite Sports Star: Roger Federer

Hobbies outside tennis:  Boxing

 Three icons of history to have a dinner party with:

  • Hemingway
  • Atatürk
  • Marco Polo

Favourite Car: Porsche 911 SC

Best Comedy Movie: Chef

2024 Wimbledon Grand Slam winners: Carlos Alcaraz

Your first pet’s name: Lola

Most famous person met: Rafa Nadal


Thanks once again, Pepe – all at SPC are delighted to have partnered with you and Top College USA, and very much looking forward to a long and successful partnership!


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