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– 1992-1994 Westlake Boys High School
– 1994 Gym Instructor Auckland University of Technology
– 1994 level 1 NZT Tennis Coach
– 1996 Diploma in personal training Auckland University of Technology
– 1998 Certificate in Swiss Ball Training (C.H.E.K institute)
Certificate in Medicine Ball Training (C.H.E.K institute)
Certificate In Programme Design (C.H.E.K institute)
Certificate in Scientific Core Conditioning (C.H.E.K institute)
Certificate in Scientific Back Training (C.H.E.K institute)
– 1999 Y.M.C.A Gym Instructor Certificate in Personal Training
– 2000 N.A.S.M level 3 Personal Trainer
– 2002 Certificate in Advanced Programme Design (C.H.E.K institute)
– 2006 C.C.A Licensed Coach (level 4)
– 2010 Coach Educator Award

Coaching Experience



From April 2016

Community and Participation Coordinator for Auckland and Tennis Northern Regions New Zealand

My current job role responsibilities are:

  • Provide more opportunities for structured play in Auckland
  • Increase the number of advocates and deliverers of National Tennis Programs
  • Deliver Professional Development Tennis sessions at schools and clubs
  • Increase participation at regional venues
  • Apply for grants and seek funding for tennis intiatives 
  • From June 2014 I am the Co Director of MAIN DRAW LIMITED, a tournament company for children aged from 5-18. My job responsibilities for this role include: – -Seminars for parents promoting competition -Refereeing events -Promoting events -Marketing -Tournament management


From July 2013

I worked full time as a coach in the Tennis Northern programme My job responsibilities in this role included:

– Creating a training syllabus for the coaches

– Creating a “Mini Academy” which involves identifying talented players and creating an effective training environment for them

– Leading and coaching all 12 and under tennis group sessions

– Delivering parent and coach seminars

– Hot Shot Coach Tutor for Tennis Northern – Individual lessons



August 2011- July 2013

I worked at two venues, The All England Lawn Tennis Club (Wimbledon) and Chiswick Riverside Tennis Academy. I was also the Manager of the Surrey County 10 andunder girls team for the LTA Within my Wimbledon role I would visit schools on a weekly basis for talent identification.

I was responsible for carrying out squad training sessions, with large group weekend sessions exceeding 60 children per session. During the weekend sessions I would also manage the other coaches. I would carry out goal setting for students and parents that would be reviewed on a monthly basis.

My role also included administration duties such as: collecting data about the children in the schools I was attending to create a report which would go towards the monthly and yearly figures for the initiative to gage how successful it was. As part of my role I would build relationships with schools for the Wimbledon programme to go in and run sessions for them and make sure the relationship between us and the schools was a positive one so we could return yearly.
Within my Chiswick head coach role I ran the mini tennis academy programme, I would assess and recruit players through a talent identification process. I would run educational seminars for parents and coaches and tutor and mentor coaches as well.

Within my LTA role I was in charge of a lot of the organisational aspects such as: arranging team meetings, hotel arrangements, training schedule. I would be away with the team at these events and it was my sole responsibly to ensure everything ran smoothly.



For my role as the Surrey county 10 and under girl’s manager I was responsible for the team selection. I would lead training sessions for the regional qualifying matches, provide on court coaching during the matches and travel with parents and players to the national finals.

I was also part of the LTA’s talent identification team in which I would test the player’s technique/ attitude/ physical skills/ tactical skills and give evaluation and feedback.

I would assist in selecting and assessing players for county / regional and national ID framework. I would travel with players to regional and national tournaments.
July 2008-2011

Head Coach of the Sutton Tennis School at the Sutton Tennis Academy

In the is job role I was working under director Jeremy Bates, I was responsible for running a development programme that included 700 players from mini tennis to 13+ age group performance. I individually worked with regional and national ID players within this time. I managed and ran the training of 8 coaches who I regularly held team meetings with to ensure strong communication with the team. I had varied administration duties which included financial targets, tennis programme syllabus including a schools programme. My role also included goal setting, tournament planning, putting together and hosting seminars for parents.



Self Employed Tennis Coach (Park Langley Tennis Club)

Initially I was employed with 10 guaranteed hours of groups. I went on to develop a successful business where I was averaging 40-50 hours per week. In this time I produced 11 county champions and 7 National ID players. I was mentored by Paul Dent and was a great period in my development as a coach. It also created a reputation for me where I was then head hunted and given the opportunity to work under Jeremy Bates at the Sutton Tennis Academy.



Head Coach of Stony Stanton Tennis Club/ Personal Trainer Champneys Health Spa

Running a small club of 120 players including adults. I was responsible for the administration and management of the club; I worked 35-40 hours per week running all programmes from mini tennis through to adult tennis. I also carried out personal training for sports specific and weight loss and fitness classes including circuits, spin and aqua aerobics.

Personal Trainer/Assistant Tennis Coach Beachside Health Club and Milford Tennis Club (New Zealand) I carried out sports specific fitness training which included weight loss and did 15-20 hours of individual tennis coaching



Head coach Carisbrooke Tennis Club/ personal trainer Fitness First I was responsible for running a programme that went from mini tennis to adult tennis and managed a small team of 3 coaches. The club itself had over 250 members. Within my time here I produced 5 county champions and did sports specific and weight loss personal training.



Personal trainer and assistant coach for Club Physical and Milford Tennis Club Within my role I did personal training for weight loss and golf conditioning.

I also assisted the head coach with group coaching 1995-1997

Gym instructor and assistant tennis coach for Glenfield Leisure Centre and Milford Tennis Club Within my role I carried out fitness assessments, I wrote and demonstrated fitness programmes for clients and assisted the head coach with group coaching

Assistant coach Milford Tennis Club Main part of my first role was to feed the ball for the coach.

I started my coaching career in 1994, during that time I have developed a philosophy which I have named “The thinking C.A.P” philosophy.

The C stands for competency where an “I can do it” environment is created through appropriate challenge and specific age principles are followed.

The A represents automatic where repetition and maintenance of the skill are encouraged whether it’s mental/physical/tactical or technical.

Finally the P stands for purpose, why is this pupil playing tennis? What are the aspirations and commitment in learning the game? What do they want to achieve? What drives them to come to the lessons?

I’m very passionate and dedicated to the work I do.

If you have any questions about my achievements please do not hesitate to ask. References can be given on request.




Nick Jacques has been the Head Coach of Mini Tennis at the Riverside Chiswick Tennis Academy for approximately two years. Nick is also part of the highly successful Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative, a programme that teaches children in local schools and provides exit routes for them to further their tennis development. Nick has an impressive track record working with young children at all levels in the sport; he has coached in excess of twenty top level National training group players as well as a National champion. The high level player success is significant but what impresses me most about Nicks teaching is his ability to engage young children with no prior tennis experience instilling an understanding of basic ball skills and a desire to learn more about the game. I have no hesitation in strongly endorsing and recommending Nick’s work. Should you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact me either by email, or by phone on 07738 336974.

From Simon Ainley Performance Academy Director of the Riverside Chiswick Tennis Academy:-

I can confirm that I have known Nick for approximately 5 years, initially from when he was coaching at Sutton Tennis Academy reporting to me as Tennis Director, then subsequently at the Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative at the All England Club. In my opinion Nick is an excellent coach, has the highest standards of behaviour with both children and adults, has been totally reliable and honest, and will be very professional in the work that he does. I would have no concerns about employing him again if I was still working in a relevant capacity. I feel certain that he would be a very positive addition to any coaching team that he decided to join.If you require any further information please contact me by email, or by phone 07971141340.

Jeremy Bates former International Tennis Player/ Touring International Coach:-

I’ve known Nick for 4 years and it’s clear to me that he engages extremely well in coaching tennis to children. He has an appetite for hard work and is always meticulous in his approach. Teaching children tennis requires special people and I am confident in putting Nick in that category! I've personally taught 32 British players that have played Wimbledon so I know a fantastic coach when I come across one and Nick is defiantly one of these.Should you require any further information please contact me by email,, or by phone 07974 454580.

Alan Jones International Tennis Coach

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